View Full Version : Vietnam Flashback: Dems Want Oversight of a War They Don't Believe In!

11-22-05, 07:21 AM
Vietnam Flashback: Dems Want Oversight of a War They Don't Believe In! <br />
Written by Vincent Fiore <br />
Tuesday, November 22, 2005 <br />
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Theatrics were the norm last week before Congress headed home for its...

11-22-05, 08:35 AM
I would likef or these Dems and Liberals and Left wind extremists to explain why? Why would they want anything, besides as for ammo against the War, if all tehy can do is complain. Why is it that they have so much to say, now that everything is underway, when the time to speak up was in 2001. Why is it that whenever the lights of victory is in our sights thtey wish for a retreat. And finally...WHY don't they do their jobs and support the miltary that has granted them the freedom of enjoying a place in politics.

These issues of pullout and such actions as retreating with a victory at is meaningless. Is it voting time again? Are there votes counting on their two faced terms of endearment? It seems that they change their minds in the direction that the strongest winds blow. If Bush wasn't having such a bad time riht now they woulkd be backing him instead of trying to stop the momentum we have in Iraq and Afghanistan. You would think that they would have better things to " talk " about since that is just what them seem to do. Talk. Because everything else they " get done " sure doesn't seem like much.