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11-21-05, 11:03 AM
If you could go back in time to your days of enlistment as a Marine and step outside your body and look at yourself, what adjectives would best describe your tenure as a Marine. For instance, "I was Bull Dog tough with a softstop for women who served Kim-chee." That kind of thing.
(It is understood that the boundaries of BS will be taxed to the limit but I think that you all can have fun with this.)

11-21-05, 01:32 PM
A 'Non-Conformist Mud Marine'.

I never was into the spit and polish of garrison life, but always more comfortable in the field.
A L/Cpl, filling an NCO billet, with Sgts asking me how to get something done. I kept the Platoons 8 mules (M274A2) above standards, which meant we had 6 running, when the average was 4. For the record, I NEVER scavanged needed parts from our other vehicles. (they were creatively 'redeployed' to a new area of operation, but never scavanged). I could lay the platoons 8 guns faster than some of ours Section leaders, and could run F.D.C., plot fire missions, and adjust fire.
On a 1 to 10 (10 high) as an OVERALL Marine at the time, I'd give myself a high 6 to low 7.
But it was 'Cold War' period. Nam was over. We were a 'sabre to rattle' at the world. It was a time of snap and pop. SHOW of force, with SHOW being the key phrase (in my opinion).
Put me in the field, I was good to go. But in Garrison, probably about 2 steps above a 'soup sandwich'. My deuce gear was squared away, I could call Close Order Drill, and wall locker and rack always ready for inspection. I think I was TECHNICALLY a good Marine. But to be a TOTAL Marine, I fell short.