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11-18-05, 06:56 AM
Don't Serve / Don't Tell <br />
The limits of liberal tolerance at Harvard Law School. <br />
by Kate Thornton Buzicky <br />
11/18/2005 12:00:00 AM <br />
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AS MY FELLOW MINNESOTAN Garrison Keillor likes to say, I am a...

11-18-05, 08:20 AM
I face the same situation as this young Lt. does; as a Democrat (not necessarily a liberal which is a completely different thing, and I'm not even sure I ever knew what "liberal" meant), I often have to justify to others how I can be a Marine in a "conservative joint", including to other military personnel.

Whether it's at Harvard or the barracks or on the street, rampant individualism and selfishness is the root of the problem of finding good, patriotic Americans to serve our country. Most people fail to realize that joining the military entails foregoing one's own personal wants and preferences to serve our country, and admittedly, that is one of the hardest things to do for Americans who value freedom and individuality - me included.

It's really ironic that these classic examples of unbridled liberalism who claim that conservatives are attempting to strangle civil liberties and freedom turn around and extend the same intolerance, bigotry, and contempt on others that conservatives are accused of embracing. Really just the other side of a two-faced coin.

The last I heard, I do not serve the Republican Party, nor the Democratic Party, nor the Supreme Court, nor the NRA, nor the ACLU. I provide for the common defense and I protect the Constitution. No political agenda involved. And yes, I DO have to put aside my own selfish desires for mission accomplishment. That's a challenge I willingly accept and is just a small sacrifice for ensuring that my country will stay strong.

And to all the sidewalk patriots and anti-military selfish all-about-me folks:

What have you done lately to ensure that you are able to walk about and flaunt the fact that you are perfectly free to spout your self-indulgent and arrogant ignorance? Oh, that's what I thought: absolutely nothing. :marine:

In this world there are givers and there are haters and takers; which would you want to be?

11-18-05, 08:20 AM
To Bad The Lt. Is Stuck In A Temple Of Obnoxious & Liberal A--holes----the Real Problem Is That A Superior Attitude Entitles Them To Place Their Intelligence & Ego Levels Way Above The The Average Peon Levels---she Would Do Better & Meet A Better Class Of People At Suffolk Law School