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11-16-05, 01:22 PM
What happens to a MEU after its tour of duty is over? From what I understand all personnel that served with the MEU go their seperate ways to new assignments or back to their old units. At that point does the MEU become "history" and what happens to it once it does become history?

11-16-05, 02:44 PM
The MEU never ends. Just the tour that a MEU does ends. The MEU awaits for the next time it is called out. As for the " being history " the only thing that becomes history is the time that the MEU was deployed to an area. Everything that happens while the MEU is there becomes a big part of history for the MEU and the Marines and Sailors that were there.

The units deployed with the MEU go to their respectful Units once returned Stateside. Every Unit that deployed with the MEU is made up of components that have attached to a bigger piece of the puzzle. These components go back to where they came from and the bigger pieces get smaller with each smaller piece that leaves. The Unit becomes " orignal size " again and continues to train. The Units will train and function as normal until the date comes when the Unit is called again to join the MEU and deploy.

The Marines that staff the MEU itself stay with it until the next deployment. Then the word is passed to them and from them to the Units deploying with it. The MEU is staffed at all times. Thus eleviating the problem of bringing new Marines that will need additional training into positions unless needed. Most Marines that staff a MEU are there for at least 2 deployments before being transferred to other Units. The MEU's ships are repaired during the down time and refurbished. During most of the down time from a MEU there are excerises that must be accomplished and training that must be done before the next MEU deployment.

The MEU itself does not " break up " for up to 90 days after returning stateside just in case it is called back to full service. All Units attached to the MEU can release the smaller Units after 30 days with the intent that " IF " the MEU is recalled that they return to the Unit they were attached to and re-deploy. Constant readiness is required.

I hope that this answers your questions.

11-16-05, 03:47 PM
I couldn't have asked for a better explaination. Thank you very much.

11-16-05, 04:36 PM

You should be a writer for the Corps. Your explanation was to the "T". Outstanding Marine...!!!

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