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11-14-05, 06:05 AM
Marine postal chief takes reigns as chaplain
II Marine Expeditionary Force (FWD)
Story by Lance Cpl. Josh Cox

CAMP FALLUJAH, Iraq (Nov. 14, 2005) -- As the postal chief for the camp post office, he supervises Marines and helps bridge the gap between service members and their families. On Sundays, he leads the gospel service held at the camp chapel.

Gunnery Sgt. Terrance R. Moore, 36, has been on multiple deployments since joining the Corps in 1991, and serves as a source of inspiration to others here.

“Before the military, I worked many different jobs and helped my mother and my grandmother out financially,” said Moore. “I became interested in the military because I got tired of part-time jobs due to lack of experience.”

Moore, who is assigned to Postal Detachment 6, Service Company, Headquarters and Service Battalion, 2nd Marine Logistics Group (FWD), chose the Marine Corps for several reasons.

“I chose the Marine Corps because it seemed to be more challenging and based on the reputation and the brotherhood unlike any other service,” he said.

Moore originally served as a supply clerk in the initial years of his enlistment, but later became a postal Marine due to changes in the Corps.

“During my tour at Camp Lejeune, I deployed back-to-back tours with Marine Expeditionary Unit Service Support Group 24, 24th MEU,” he said.

After he completed his second tour in the Marine Corps in 1999, the Buffalo, N.Y., native became a recruiter and served at Recruiting Sub-Station Dayton, Ohio.

After completing a tour of recruiting duty, Moore returned to Camp Lejeune and found himself on another deployment.

“I deployed to Kuwait in January 2003 with the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade to support Operation Enduring Freedom,” he said. “After coming back from Kuwait, I returned to Camp Lejeune and (was) attached to MSSG-24 and later deployed to Kalsu, Iraq.”

Moore’s deployment to Kalsu in 2004 was cut short due to health problems, but he was later deployed to Fallujah after being medically cleared.

“My deployment was cut short…due to a few episodes of asthma attacks, and it was also discovered I had a slight heart murmur,” he said. “One year after being medically cleared I am currently deployed to Fallujah as the postal chief.”

Moore has been instrumental in the religious programs throughout his multiple deployments.

“Each time I have been deployed, I have always been involved in assisting the chaplain with the worship services,” he said. “I am currently conducting the gospel services due to the chaplain having to leave for Djibouti to minister to his unit that has lost some Sailors. I had to get an endorsement from my pastor back at home, and also a letter from my command (to conduct the services).”

Moore said he feels blessed to have the opportunity to serve here, and attributes his success to family support.

“My son Terrance Moore Jr. (T.J.) is doing an outstanding job helping his mother out at home, and also in school,” he said. “He’s my motivation, and I look at his picture everyday that he sent from home.