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11-11-05, 07:12 AM
Hey Devildawgs!

I was in the Corps from 92-98 stationed in Quantico with H&S Company OCS. Upon my EAS, I was packing up my gear to move. With all of the gear I had packed up, I had a box which included all of my collected 782 gear, old cammies, and yes... my dogtags. Upon my return home, the movers lost that box. Out of all the stuff which could be lost... it HAD to be that particular one. My question is this... is there any way I can get another set of dogtags? I know I could go to dogtags.com and get a set, however the reason why I want them now is sentimental. My father served in Vietnam and was with MAGTAF-24 in Chu-lai. As a Christmas gift, I was hoping to have his dogtags as well as mine set in a frame with a picture of him when he was in the Corps side by side with a picture of me when I was in the Corps. If anyone could help me here, I would like to get a set made BY MARINES and not by some fly-by-night company. Anyone have any advice?

11-11-05, 07:23 AM
I know you can get a set from Sgt. Grit at grunt.com

11-11-05, 07:47 AM

I am a Marine. I have an addressograph and blank tags, chains, silencers. I don't sell them on my website. Because www.Since1775.com is about my love for Corps and not my wallet.

You can email me and we can work out what you need.

11-11-05, 08:08 AM
Thanks for the quick responses guys. Since1775, I emailed you through the site. The email address is my work email but you can also reach me at UOPSteve at yahoo dot com. Thanks!