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11-09-05, 07:08 AM
Two charged with impersonating Marines <br />
<br />
By Jason Cato <br />
Wednesday, November 9, 2005 <br />
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They might not have the mettle to be Marines, but they certainly dressed the part,...

11-09-05, 07:59 AM
What a bunch of sorry arses I hope they burn there tired old arses..

11-09-05, 08:14 AM
Now that is sad. Like it said the people they are surrounded by would be apt to investigate them. It's just in our nature to look at anything that might be out of place.

11-09-05, 08:35 AM
My question is, if they have had prior military service, are they too ashamed of it to display what they had actually accomplished?

Just wondering.....

11-09-05, 09:40 AM
"Posers" plague us everywhere. Even up here in Canada we have a loudmouth woman that claims she is a Viet Nam Veteran. We had kicked her out of our Veteran's organization years ago, and she still tries to crash our events and talk to the media.

We had an event yesterday for Aboriginal Veteran's Day. After the ceremonies, sure enough she was in front of the cameras like a dirty shirt. She outrageously claimed that she was the National Vice President of our organization.

I had to talk to the reporters and fill them in on her false statements. ALL of them prudently decided not to use her interviews.

Later when I confronted her, she flew off the handle and started ridiculous shouting in front of the public. They all just shook there heads and knew she was lying.

I should use my connections and see if she is breaking any Canadian laws on false service claims.

11-09-05, 10:13 AM
Yes i agree yellowwing you should do that.

11-09-05, 12:16 PM
I too am curious as to what the military experience was. I respect the officers, but I am too proud to have been an NCO to even wish I was one. You do have to feel bad for someone at that age who has so little accomplished in their life so as to have to pretend they are something that they are not.

Toby M
11-09-05, 01:21 PM
RB1651, maybe they didn't accomplish anything during their time in service so they had to make up something...just another case of a "wanna be..." You know, if you can't go first class, make up something...

11-09-05, 01:32 PM
I can't find pity for either one. What did they do while serving? When did they serve? And who did they serve with? Each one did something to disgrace the Bracnh they tried to impersonate. They impersonated an Officer of that Branch and probably used it to their advantage. No-one knows as to what damage has been done by these two idiots if they were able to tell "their Stories" to other military junior members. What lies have they rot upon the military in general?

Then again I guess the question is ... how many more are out there and who are they? Why do they feel taht they can impersonate something that they have never been? And what drives people like this to do what they have done? Is there a mental issue here? To go through life to the age that they are and continue to brag on rights that they have never earned is totally idiotic. If they are so alone is this world there are other options that they could have used. Other avenues that they could have approached. If they wanted to be a part of something so bad they could have requested permission to join certain functions. But to what extent did they think they would get away with it.