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11-07-05, 10:13 AM
T(otally) O(utrageous) <br />
Owens bears all the blame in Eagles latest saga <br />
Posted: Monday November 7, 2005 9:42AM; Updated: Monday November 7, 2005 10:49AM <br />
<br />
LANDOVER, Md. -- You know, before�Sunday...

11-07-05, 12:07 PM
T.O. is a arrogant, overpaid attention junkie and I believe he got his fix.


11-07-05, 01:06 PM
I'm not a big fan of the Eagles, even being from the same state. I do feel that attention junkies like TO have been far more willing to risk their careers, since they think that fottball needs suck idiots, becaus ethey feel that the team they are on won't get rid of them. Look at Moss from the Vikings. He was so arrogant that he had in his contract that he was to receive 45% of the passes thrown during all footballs games for his team. It was reduced from the 62% originally on his contract form that he inserted for signing. He really wasn't all that good a wide receiver as it was. Since he wanted the 45% of all passing done there was very little to share with the rest of the games players. TO isn't any different than Moss. The head is to big for the body. Their egos are far worse than the actually capability of what they do. Emmit Smith was a great running back, Lynn Swan a great wide receiver, and how many great quarterbacks have there been???? Did any-one ever hear of Dan Marino saying stuff like TO has stated. No. Because all the real greats knew that they would win or lose as a team.

11-07-05, 01:13 PM

T.O. has caused too many problems..and needs to stop acting like a baby...
I say the Eagles do not need him..

We have seen this type of behavior before and it won't be the last...

I'm a Eagles Fan..
I was born and raised in Philly and still have my home there where my 4 children live..
I just moved down here in July since my new hubby don't like the cold and enjoys NC.


11-07-05, 01:40 PM

You hit the nail on the head. I am a Minnesota Viking fan (I come from a small town in northern Minnesota). 99% of Vikings fans did not shed a tear when Moss the Mouth was given his walking papers, so I'm pretty sure that the vast majority of Eagles fans will say the same when T.O. (Tuned Out) is gone from Philly.

11-07-05, 02:40 PM
Has T.O. ever met Chuck Bednardick? (spelling) I know that that was one rough SOB who played for the Eagles as a center and linebacker, I believe. If he is still living I believe that he might have wanted a piece of T.O. even at his advanced age. I don't suppose Norm Van Brocklin would have kissed T.O. either. So much for the days gone bye.