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11-08-02, 06:50 PM
can any one tell me what else i can do to find out info baout ppl who served with my dad like how i can find the names and sh@@of these ppl is there a site i can go to or something???? i am desperet

11-10-02, 10:11 PM
Lookk under the buddy forum I've posted a couple of sites there.

11-14-02, 10:57 AM
There is a process by which you can locate people who served w/ your father. Contact me, we can get some basics & then I can direct you to the most effective way to research your objective.
God Bless your Father & God Bless You...
Never let the world forget the sacrifices...
Semper Fi...

12-22-02, 10:46 AM

A good place to start is in his graduation platoon book and search the wall if any died in Nam or not. Search for his unit homepage is another good place to look otherwise, its going to be pretty hard. I have been looking for 33 years.