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Five US Marines held over alleged rape <br />
03/11/2005 - 10:16:50 <br />
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Police in the Philippines said they were investigating five US Marines for allegedly raping a woman in a former US naval base,...

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Evidence against 6 US Marines is strong--RP authorities <br />
First posted 02:44pm (Mla time) Nov 04, 2005 <br />
By Veronica Uy <br />
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THE EVIDENCE is strong against six American servicemen accused of...

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Filipinos want U.S. Marines out <br />
Woman's rape accusation sparks demonstrations in Manila <br />
By Oliver Teves <br />
The Associated Press <br />
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MANILA, Philippines - Activists called Friday for...

11-05-05, 06:39 AM
Evidence 'strong against US Marines'
By Gilbert Felongco, Correspondent
Manila :

Officials are confident that they have strong evidence to pin down six US Marines who allegedly raped a Filipina at a former US Navy base on November 1.

Zosimo Paredes, executive director of a presidential commission, said their own investigations suggest that "obviously no consent", was given by the 22-year-old victim to the six Americans.

The US Marines were on shore leave and were on the last day of their stay in the Philippines before leaving for their regional base in Okinawa, Japan, when the rape supposedly occurred inside a van rented by the victim herself.

A witness, the Filipino driver of the van, has come forward to testify. Armand Arreza, the administrator of the former US base where the rape allegedly occurred, said a preliminary hearing is expected to be held sometime this week, possibly tomorrow.

"We have requested that the case be expedited in the interest of both parties," he said.

Arreza, who heads the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority, said the alleged victim met the Americans at a karaoke bar.

The men had reportedly asked her to go with them in the van. A few hours later, witnesses said they saw the woman being dumped unconscious from a van on a road.

Meanwhile, Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez said the alleged rape is mainly a diplomatic issue that the US and the Philippine governments must address.

"The matter is not just a legal issue but mostly a diplomatic issue and primarily in the turf of the Department of Foreign Affairs," Gonzalez said.

Philippine Foreign Secretary Alberto Romulo described the alleged assault as a "heinous crime" and the US Embassy has said it will "fully cooperate" with Philippine authorities in the investigation.