View Full Version : A Chance Meeting and Good Omen

10-30-05, 07:50 PM
My World War II buddy, Maurice, and I were waiting in a coffee shop. We still had 20 minutes before a radio interview, and we were both a bit nervous.

A nice older couple sits near us and Maurice leans over and whispers, "Now he looks like a fellow World War II Veteran."

So we politely introduce ourselves and we learn that we were sitting next to a Royal Marine and his wife! He had enlisted in Glasgow and fought for King and Country in the 1940's.

One of his eyes had a slight cataract, but the other was still bright, fierce, and yet a friendly blue. When I told him I was a Marine Brother, he smiled a bit more broadly.

I wish we had more time to chat with him. When we walked over to our appointment, Maurice and I both were strutting a little taller. We nailed the interview in one take, thanks to our good Royal Marine omen.

Old Marine
11-13-05, 08:45 AM

When I was in Korea serving with 1st TkBn. we would safe our beer ration and maybe once every two months would throw a party and some Limey Tankers would come over and drink with us. We would all sit around the pot belly stove and tell sea stories while getting plastered. But when it became tea time we had to stop and fill our canteen cups with water heat it on the stove and have tea. Then back to the drinking. We used to sing this song.

While travling through the country,
we stopped at a lot of hotels,
some were nice,
some were gay, some indifferent.
In others the rooms were like silk,
but at list we found a dilly o-daisy,
twas comphy, cozy and gay,
but its a wonder we didn't go crazy,
when we found out what they gave us to eat.

On Monday, twas bread on gravy,
On Tuesday, twas gravy on toast,
On Wednesday and Thursday twas bread,
Now that's only gravy on toast.
On Friday we spoke to the landlord,
Won't you please give us something instead.
On Saturday morn by way of a change,
We had gravey without any bread.

This was in 1953 and its really strange how I can remember this song that we learned from the Limey Tankers.