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10-20-05, 05:12 AM
Published: Oct 20, 2005 <br />
Modified: Oct 20, 2005 3:00 AM <br />
Lejeune Marines accused of abuse <br />
Ex-soldier says Iraqi prisoners were beaten <br />
By JAY PRICE, Staff Writer <br />
<br />
A former Army interrogator says...

10-20-05, 07:18 AM
I bet the media is going to have a field day with this!!!! Is it just me or was there a war going on???? Broken bones, cuts, bruises, and burns??? Yep sounds like a war to me.

10-20-05, 08:45 AM
Damn How They Are Treated They Drive Up With A Car Full Of Explosives And Kill Our Marines They Are F-ing Cowards. This Is War Get Them Before They Get Us And They Want To Pass A Law On How To Treat Them . That Is Bull#### And Evry Marine Reading This Should Agree. We Come To Eliminate A Problem That Is What The Marine Corps Is Good At.

10-20-05, 09:02 AM
I was a part of this MEU at that time frame. I will protect the rights of my Marines by saying that we did everything that was humanly possible to detain the POWs in a humanly acceptable fashion. When they POWs got aggressive so did we. When the enemy fired at us we fired back. We did not, and I said DID NOT, abuse any POW. Those POWs in question had been hurt prior to our Capturing them. We never disrepected the families that we " visited " and we never Hurt any-one that wasn't posing a threat to us. Some damn Military member is having night-mares and relapses about the things they had seen and confusing it with what has been said to try to gain attention and possibly a promotion from this.

10-20-05, 02:34 PM

copy and paste the link above....then ask me if I give a rats azz how a ****** piece of ****e insurgent is treated in order to get information wich will save lives. I dont care what happens to insurgents . I dont care how we stomp on their rights . I dont care if we hurt their feelings , I dont care if the international world isnt backing us. We went in there pretty much alone and since no one wanted to play with us then, they shouldnt come in and try to change the rules of the game now. Leave the Marines and soldiers to do their jobs.
We were the Marines that replaced 2/2 down in that ****hole . The Marines from the unit were good to go . I guarantee you that whatever they did , they did in order to save lives. Who cares .. Fuk insurgents.

10-20-05, 03:37 PM
I also understand that the rules of engagement have changed or maybe they have always been like this since the Marine Corps and the US Army have been there. What I mean by that is the AO are smaller for the Marine Corps units and the Marines cannot fire outside of their AO. IN other words the scuttlebutt that I have is that the Army has larger and more in number as a presents and they have larger and more AOs and they cannot keep them covered. I am wondering if this is the case. Only the Marines and others in country know the facts. This has bearing on the insurgents to me because while you are covering the AO insergents are going to be probing just like this gate that was shown in the video. If a Marine Corps unit at an AO could have covered better and had more support this may not have happen. That is if my scuttlebutt is correct. Anybody...???

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