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10-05-05, 03:43 PM
A 5TH grade class are exchanging stories that have a moral to them. The teacher calls on sarah, "our family hatches baby chicks and we sell them for $1 at market, we had 150 eggs which means we would make $150! Only 75 eggs hatched". The teacher then asked "what is the moral to your story?" Sarah replied, "don't count your chickens until they hatch".

The teacher now called upon Alice, "My father and I sell hen's eggs at market too, on saturday we were riding in my fathers truck to market with the eggs in a big basket and my father hit a bump and the whole basket bounced out the window of the truck!" The teacher then asked "what is the moral of your story?" Alice replied "Don't put your eggs in 1 basket"!

The teacher now called upon Johnny, " My Uncle Bill is a Marine Corps Aviator and was flying missions in Iraq and was shot down!" the teacher was concerned! "All my uncle Bill had when he bailed out was a bottle of whiskey a M-16 with 75 rounds and a machete! The teacher then asked what happened next, "well he drank the whole bottle of whiskey on his way down and landed in the middle of 100 Iraqi troops!" The teached gasped, what happened next? "He shot and killed 75 and then ran out of ammo!" "Then my Uncle bill used the machete to kill 20 more!" The teacher is in shock! " My Uncle bill then had to kill the last 5 with his bare hands!"

My god cried the teacher, "what could the moral of your story be!?"

Johnny stood up and said, "Don't f@#k with my Uncle Bill when he's been drinking!"