View Full Version : 2200 Marines and Sailors Welcomed Home at New River Air Station

10-03-05, 06:11 AM
2200 Marines and Sailors Welcomed Home at New River Air Station
Sep 26, 2005, 10:46 AM

(Marine Corps Air Station New River) -- Helicopter Squadron 162 flew in to a huge sea of red, white, and blue. Patriotic banners, signs, and of course smiles -- all saying welcome home. When little Emily Brommer was asked what she thinks of her dad coming home, she says, "I love him and I'm glad that he's back."

For the last six months the Golden Eagles served all over the Middle East doing special operations. Their new special operation is coming home to the people that love them the most.

Captain Kummer's wife Jenn asks her four kids, "Who is going to get to him first?" Her youngest, Noah, shouts, "Me!"

The Kummer family counted down the days by eating chocolate kisses and saying this poem: "A kiss each night and when they are gone you know that I'll be home. I love you Daddy." Captain Kummer says he is proud to serve his country and be a part of the 26th Expeditionary Unit. But he's been waiting for this day for half a year. "It just feels great. You know, after being gone so long. And not seeing the children grow up. And it's nice to come home and see my beautiful wife. And these four beautiful children."

After six months of chocolate-covered kisses before bed, the Kummer family, and 2,200 others will be giving real good night kisses.

By: Anna B. Kooiman