View Full Version : Marine Corps Birthday in the ATL

09-30-05, 05:54 AM
If you happen to be in Atlanta on Nov. 10 this year and aren't attending a formal party, there's only one place to go--The Blue Ribbon Grill, 4006 LaVista Road, Tucker. I've gone there for years.
The owner, Ludlow Porch, a talk show host for years in Atlanta, is a Marine. The grill is festooned with Marine Corps regalia, from flags to platoon pictures donated by other Marines.
Even though the place is Marine Central on the Birthday, business goes on as usual and civilian patrons are sometimes shocked after being this close to a bunch of rowdy grunts.
One of the big deals--to me--is the No. 1 hors d'erve. . . SOS over toast.
Marines in attendance range from at least one major general down to a brand new boot, 17 year olds to some in their 80's. You can get the entire history in a night here. One airdale who always shows up flew with Ted Williams in Korea.
Old Marines show up in dress blues or just wearing a salty old utility cover.
It's a great feeling to be reunited with the best people you ever worked with in your life. At least that's my case. Even the a-holes in the Corps were better company than the civilians I've had to deal with the past 40 years.
You have to buy your own beer but hey, the SOS is FREE!!!!
Festivities start about 1800.
Ooooooorah! and Gung Ho MF!!!