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09-30-05, 03:45 AM
Try this, go to www.google.com and type in "failure" and instead of hitting search, hit "I am feeling lucky!" and see what you get!

09-30-05, 07:47 AM
That's Fkd Up !!

09-30-05, 12:12 PM
wow....that is f'd up...lol ...kind of upsets me ...

09-30-05, 12:30 PM
that sucks, since when are search engines political


09-30-05, 12:51 PM
That's not even funny!

09-30-05, 01:28 PM
I just changed search engines... what a load of crap!

09-30-05, 01:42 PM
Whats the deal .. we have Microsoft, Yahoo and Google, 3Com, and a host of others helping Govts. like the Chinese Govt. to sensor the net, and to trap chinese people who are trying to get outside their Govt. controls on the net, we have Google blowing the hell out of everything that is non-liberal anymore.. I am so sick of anything for money and/or direction we dont care what the cost is to people or even our own country... for those of us who are annoyed enough to speak up, here is some contact info for ya..

Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View CA 94043
phone: (650) 253-0000
fax: (650) 253-0001

09-30-05, 02:59 PM
That is totaly not true...

09-30-05, 04:50 PM
This just in from a Poolee with information on how the Google search engine Im feeling lucky option works. We may have been to hasty in our permeter defensive free fire zone. "That post about google and typing in failure and typing I am Felling lucky, google has nothing to do with that, the way there search engine works is that when you push the I'm feeling lucky button it brings up the page that matches what you typed and has the most hits, Google didnt set that up, it just has more hits than any other website that has the word failure in it. To further illustrate this go to Google and type French Military Victories then hit the Im Feeling Lucky option." What do yall think? Thanks Jimmyk for keeping us honest and informed.

Semper Fi

09-30-05, 05:40 PM
Makes ya wonder how much Hildabeast has invested in Googles!! http://downsouthhunting.com/images/smiles/04.gif

09-30-05, 05:53 PM
Thanks for the laugh.

09-30-05, 09:37 PM
If you go to Google.com and type in google backwards...elgoog

then hit I'm Feeling Lucky

See what you get.....who has time to think all this sh** up??

09-30-05, 10:25 PM
GySgtRet, it is true, here is a outline, The Internet giant Yahoo provided information that helped Chinese state security officials convict a Chinese journalist for leaking state secrets to a foreign Web site, court documents show.
Microsoft's newly designed Internet Portal in China are being blocked from using the words "democracy," "freedom" and "human rights," in an apparent move by the U.S. software giant to appease Beijing, repeated attemps on blocked sites and language will have the users I.P. address forwarded to Chinese State Security.
3Com, Lucent tech. Cisco and a host of others have developed NICs, servers, various types of hardware that have hard wired Eproms with whole sections of the net blocked by IP range.. developers at ContentWatch provided filtering criteria is hard-coded into their product and the source code will never leave the United States, yes ContentWatch is programing these for Chinese State Security IN the United States, the list goes on and on.. and if you doubt me please check around.. you will find I am correct.. there are a great many companies who are bending over and selling out freedom to make a buck.. It seems the only freedom a lot of these companies seem to care about is the freedom to make a buck, because there is no proof of them supporting any other types..

10-01-05, 06:54 AM
I think his is something that Google has complete control over, and this is the email message I sent via their "contact" page:

Hey, that's real cute what you've done with the "Failure - feeling lucky" search.

Very stupid too, especially considering the fact that Google is trying to position itself as a publicly traded, respectable organization.

10-01-05, 11:22 PM
"Google's search results are generated by computer programs that rank web pages in large part by examining the number and relative popularity of the sites that link to them. By using a practice called googlebombing, however, determined pranksters can occasionally produce odd results. In this case, a number of webmasters use the phrases [failure] and [miserable failure] to describe and link to President Bush's website, thus pushing it to the top of searches for those phrases. We don't condone the practice of googlebombing, or any other action that seeks to affect the integrity of our search results, but we're also reluctant to alter our results by hand in order to prevent such items from showing up. Pranks like this may be distracting to some, but they don't affect the overall quality of our search service, whose objectivity, as always, remains the core of our mission." (Source: Google Blog)

Just thought I'd set the facts straight. Some of you are going off half-cocked.