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09-20-05, 10:02 AM
I was told today that I can order my MCIs online. Can someone with some more knowledge or at least computer savvy point me in the right direction as to how this is done? Thanks

09-20-05, 10:09 AM

I am not 100% sure but from what I can recall is Marine On Line??

Semper Fidelis

09-20-05, 10:34 AM
go to mci.usmc.mil log in, go to the top where it says enroll in course, elect to receive all materials, and it'll ask you to confirm your address. You can enroll in only 3 courses at a time. Also, they just changed the MCI system, now the books you get are a lot longer, and they changed it where now the tests have different versions, so it's a lot harder to cheat or share answers.

09-20-05, 10:46 AM

Thank you. I was not aware that MCI now had its website going. Aw the good old days when you got the books and materials maybe.

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09-20-05, 01:12 PM
USMCgrunt0331, DEPJon,

I went mci.usmc.mil and logged in and it accepted my login. I retired on 14 October 1993. Not all of my courses that I took over my 20 years are in there. Maybe that was before electronic processing was used. DEPJon this is a lot better than when I took them. You can take the exam on line and get your results right then and there. We used to have to wait weeks and even months sometimes we woouldn't get results just called into the 1st Sgt or SgtMaj to have them ask why we didn't complete them and the command would usually fine out that the Marine did their part but the post office didn't.

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Ed Palmer
09-20-05, 01:38 PM
Welc ome to MCI Online! Reminders, Motivators, and "Hot Scoop"

Login to MCI Online Student Access
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Support To Deployed Marines
The MCI Student Services Department (SSD) offers support to Marines worldwide. Their work hours are 0730-1730 Eastern Standard Time. If calling 1-800-MCI-USMC (1-800-624-8762) after hours, provide the information requested within the voicemail so that we may provide the proper service and support to you.

In recent months, MCI has implemented several new policies designed to increase the timeliness of posting grades. First, Marines may submit their answer sheets directly to MCI using the Digital DP-37 Application . Training NCOs, who are granted permission from their command, can access the Digital DP-37 through the new Command UVR (see below or visit Command UVR). A Marine can either transfer the answers from the paper DP-37 answer sheet, or take the test and record the answer directly online. When the Marine is complete and presses “submit”, he or she will receive an instant notification of pass or fail. Within 15 minutes, the Marine will be able to view online the course completion in their MCI record. Second, MCI will accept faxes of DP-37 answer sheets and other materials. This will need to be coordinated with MCI’s Student Services Department to ensure that MCI receives the complete fax to process/grade the answer sheets. Please call 1-800-MCI-USMC (1-800-624-8762) for further assistance. Finally, MCI will accept scanned DP-37 answer sheets. The scanned answer sheet can be E-mailed to MCI’s Student Services Department (SSD) at ombmcissd@mbw.usmc.mil.

MCI has revised its Unit Verification Report (UVR) application. The new application, Command UVR, allows higher HQs units and Reserve units to select multiple RUCs and MCCs to view information on a combined report. For example, an I&I with an active duty staff and a reserve unit, a regimental commander, or a deployed detachment OIC with Marines who are assigned multiple temporary RUCs, could each view their entire unit on one report.

All Officer and Enlisted Distance Professional Military Education Programs (DPME) are open for enrollment. When ordering these materials or MOS red book courses, please ensure that the mailing address within the online enrollment process is correct. It is particularly important a deployed Marines’ addresses shows the FPO AE or AP vice the home station address (i.e., Camp Lejeune or Camp Pendleton). This will decrease the time it takes the materials to be delivered by the United States Postal Service (USPS).

If any further assistance is required please contact MCI by using the 1-800-MCI-USMC (1-800-624-8762) or by E-mail at ombmcissd@mbw.usmc.mil

MCI Online Available to All DOD Members

You can enroll in a course, view your student records, print an unofficial transcript, obtain an official transcript, or download course materials and job aids. Get started.

Click here for the Iraqi Basic Language Survival Guide Page.

Digital DP-37 and Command UVR
MCI has launched Command UVR as the next generation UVR to better support the Marine Corps. Using Command UVR, Marines will be able to submit their answer sheets electronically. MARADMIN 341/05, NEW MARINE CORPS INSTITUTE COMMAND UNIT VERIFICATION REPORTS APPLICATION AND DIGITAL DP-37 MCI EXAM ANSWER SHEET, provides a brief overview of Command UVR and Digital DP-37s. Visit Command UVR today .

New 4th Quarter Hotline now available
The newest "Hotline" is now available for the 4th quarter. Simply follow the "Latest MCI Hotline" link located on the MCI Online side menu.

Transition from AWSDEP 8510/8600 to EWSDEP 8650
There has been a change to the enrollment date for EWSDEP 8650. Enrollment for this course will now open on 1 September 2005. Refer to MARADMIN 330/05 for further information. MARADMIN 247/05 addresses the transition process, enrollment criteria, and the transfer of credit from old courses to new courses. Questions regarding this MARADMIN should be referred to CCE Student Support or your CCE Regional Coordinator .

7200 SNCOADEP Disenrollment
As per MarAdmin 260/03, students enrolled in 7200 SNCOADEP, the Advance Course DPME, who have not completed the course by 22 June 2005, will be automatically disenrolled. Students will be disenrolled without receiving credit and will have to complete 8200 SNCOADEP in order to satisfy Distance PME requirements .

MCI Online Enrollment Change
In an attempt to better serve our customers by sending their materials to the correct address we have installed a new step in the Online enrollment process which will verify student mailing address .

Request Student Transcript
To obtain an official transcript, you must submit a written request either through our E-mail account ombmcissd@mbw.usmc.mil or by sending a letter to Marine Corps Institute, 912 Charles Poor Street SE, Washington Navy Yard, D.C. 20391-5680. The request must include the following information: Name, Rank, SSN, complete mailing address, telephone number with area code and the approximate dates of completion, (i.e. 19___ to 19___). An unofficial transcript can be obtained from MCI Online on the 'Student Records' page or by using the SMARTS program at https://www.navycollege.navy.mil/. For more information go to the following link. Transcripts FAQ

Officer Promotion Boards PME and Records
The only items an officer promotion board has access to is the OMPF, Master Brief Sheet (MBS), and any correspondence sent by the officer. Make sure that completed PME reflects on the OMPF and MBS. Boards cannot check or use the MCI web site. If there is any doubt, mail the completion certificates to the board. More information on preparing/checking your personal record for a promotion board can be found at the MMOA Career Counseling website located off the Marine Corps Homepage. Click here for more information...

Problem with your student record? Need new materials? Question about enrollment? Email Student Services or call (800) MCI-USMC.

09-20-05, 03:44 PM
Just wait untill you get to the new 8000 series. Those are a lot of fun, and believe me, you will want to pull your hair out by the time you are finished with them.