View Full Version : The peace loving Palistininan's and the P.L.O. family photo album

06-28-02, 07:47 PM
Ohhhhh those peace loving Palistininan's and the P.L.O..

Check out these sick minded individules


06-29-02, 06:44 PM
...That's gotta be a doll.

06-30-02, 06:29 AM
Actually there's STILL a big flap about this pic. It has been proven to be a real kid, but his Palestinian family said it was done as a "joke", with no political overtones.

Riiiiiight..........and if you believe THAT, then I have some great bottomland I can sell ya!!!


06-30-02, 04:37 PM
think maybe we should send 'Rodney King' over to the region, maybe if he utters his famous question'can't we all just get along'?--should make a difference right? nah,didn't think so either!
actually i think they should do a little more 'practice bombings'---on themselves!
that's a nice flick though, maybe his family will let him grow up.