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06-28-02, 06:37 PM

Bush to undergo colonoscopy
Power to be transferred to VP Cheney

By Charlene Laino

June 28 — President Bush said Friday that he plans to undergo a routine screening test for colon cancer on Saturday. Bush, who has had benign growths removed during colonoscopies in the past, will briefly transfer power to Vice President Cheney while he is under sedation.

BUSH, 55, said he had no signs or symptoms of illness. “I feel great,” he told reporters as he prepared to leave for his presidential retreat for the weekend.

The colonoscopy — his third — is “part of the annual physical exam.”


The president is setting a precedent in transferring power to the vice president while he is under sedation for about an hour.
But Americans should not read anything into the decision, Bush said. “I’m the first president to have done so under this type of procedure and/or physical examination [and I am doing it] because we’re at war. And I just want to be super cautious.”

The vice president “realizes he’s not going to be president that long,” he said.

According to NBC’s Dr. Ian Smith, Bush will be sedated with a commonly prescribed hypnotic agent known as propofol.

“It’s not like having general anesthesia,” Smith said. “Within 15 to 25 minutes of the procedure, he should be fine.”

06-28-02, 06:54 PM
..and I'm sure we're left in good hands for that hour :D

06-28-02, 07:06 PM
Can you say Iran Contra? LMAO

06-29-02, 07:16 AM
nastalga question Bones.. Whos daddy was Head Of the CIA during the Iran Contra crap??

hint: daddys name was George

06-29-02, 09:41 AM
Hope Dick doesn't choke on a sausage.
What's the first and last things you do when you know you've got a ****ed off Marine on your ass?


Semper FI

06-29-02, 09:57 AM
Barn Dog...:) U just made my day BRO!!!! TY and Semper Fi, :D

06-29-02, 03:35 PM
George! Do I get a prize? LMAO....Loved Col. North's notebook!CYA Marine. Like a Colonel could get away with what he was accused of! LOL