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09-10-05, 03:49 AM
Seeking my DI Platoon Commander at MCRDSD, 1968. S/SGT R.J. SCHMIDT has been hard to find due to the lack of his first and middle names. Any former DIs that knew or worked with Schmidt, please contact me.

Also, any DIs or Marines who can give me tips on how to obtain Schmidt's first and middle name would be greatly appreciated.

My Platoon: Plt. 374, K Co., 3d RTBn, June, 1968. Thank You.

email: algranville_2000@yahoo.com

Joseph P Carey
09-10-05, 03:58 AM
I don't know if they had them when you went, but I went in '64, and we had them. Did you ever write to the MCRD you went through, and get the Platoon Book for your platoon? It had the names of all of the men that graduated with you, and the Officxers and the DIs of you training platoon with their names. I understand that they keep some of the old books in storage in archives, if not, they should be able to tell you where you can view one from your old Platoon.

09-10-05, 04:09 AM

Thanks for responding. I have the Platoon photo book from Boot Camp. It lists only the initials(first/middle) of the DIs. See, this is where I have the problem. USMC Museum at MCRD San Diego doesn't keep any records of past DIs. So, if you have any more hints, please don't hesitate to contact me. SEMPER FI.

Art Granville
Hemet, CA

Ed Fleming
09-10-05, 10:21 PM
I spent almost thirty years looking for my Senior D I and could not get any help from the Di School at P I or any Marine Corps source. If you have any idea of where he was from, you can go to switchboard.com and see if he returned to that area. I was fortunate enough to locate a fellow boot camp friend that had spent twenty-two years in the Corps and he had talked to our senior at Pendleton. He remembered that he was told that he lived in San Clemente. I went to switchboard.com, put in his name for San Clemente and had a hit. I called the listed number and the phone was answered by a lady. Myquestion, "Is this the same------ ----- that was a DI at Parris island in 1955", was answered in the affirmitive. When he came to the phone, it was the same voice from almost fifty years before. Our conversation led to a reunion, a couple of months later and a subsequent one two years later. Hoping to go out again next summer. Nothing like it !!!! Have located nine or ten from my recruit platoon, by way of switchboard.com..