View Full Version : Possible to get TAD with Army going to Lousiana?

09-01-05, 08:41 AM
I heard on the news this morning that several units of the Michigan National Guard are being sent to Louisiana to help with search and rescue as well as, I'm assuming, providing security. Does anyone know if it would be possible for my reserve unit to send me to a platoon with the NG that's heading down? All I have keeping me here is school, and I know if I was down there right now I would appreciate every pair of able hands I could get. Being on a super tight budget, I can't really afford to send money, but I could probably sacrifice a few weeks to lend a hand. Who would I talk to about this? Thanks
PFC Cross

Phantom Blooper
09-01-05, 10:40 AM
If your reserve unit won't. Get with the Red Cross. They will send you down. They are saying you have to be physically fit ( No problem) and you have to be willing to give three (3) weeks. And that you will be living in shelter conditions.

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