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08-31-05, 02:08 PM
Petty Officer In Navy Has Something to Say to Cindy Sheehan
e-mail from one of our military | Naval Petty Officer
Posted on 08/31/2005

Dear friends and family,

In light of certain protest against the war in Iraq I am compelled to write to you as a service member, so that I may share with you my feelings on the matter from that perspective. This letter is to you, friends and family, but I will share it also with certain members of the media, because it is my desire that my thoughts on this subject be widely expressed. Feel free to pass this message along.

My time in service is rapidly coming to an end; the chances of my dieing at this point by any means of an act of war while in service are slim to none. Regardless, if I were to sacrifice my life for my country in my remaining time of service, it would be my wish to be remembered for the honor, courage and commitment of which I served my country, and not by any mindless act of protest my friends or family may take upon themselves against my Commander in Chief.

The protest of which I am referring to is a profanation, a self-serving act of ignorance which sickens my soul. A woman attacks the very principle which her son died for, and threatens the integrity of his sacrifice. Is this the act of a loving mother? I think not! As a military man, I view this as an act of self pity and blatant disrespect for a fallen soldier, her son, no less! Will you "honor" your loved one's death by attacking the dignity of his life? In this day's policy of political correctness, have the American civilians grown so soft that they cannot manage even a glimpse of our code of honor, or do they intentionally tear it to shreds in our faces?

I am not here to defend the war in Iraq. Every war that is fought offers its fare share of reasons to oppose it, after all, opposition is what war is all about. However, as far as I can tell, the only human beings who do not long for a free world are those who prosper from the suppression of others, and if that alone is my sole justification for our cause, then so be it! I call our cause to be just, and it is your right of freedom to disagree with me if you so choose. I'll defend that right of yours to my death if I must! I can't think of a good politically correct reason why the Iraqi citizens shouldn't be afforded that same freedom.

Friends, family, if this war should cost me my life today, feel free to march on Washington tomorrow, but please have enough respect for my memory to leave my name out of it, and do not use it as a banner in your pity parade! Our military members are conditioned to withstand tribulations that would bring a typical man to his knees. When we survive we do so in triumph, when we die it is in honor. These deeds are disregarded by many who do not understand, yet they take privilege in the freedoms we provide to them. Spare our service members their dignity, it is the least you can do, and the most that we ask.

And if any of you have enough free time on your hands to make camp in Texas for the purpose of protest, might I suggest that you get a hobby?!

Sincerely, Petty Officer (I don't know if I'm allowed to put his name here, though I know he would be pleased) United States Navy


08-31-05, 09:03 PM
This Petty Officer has summed up in these few sentences what Cindy Sheehan and the others don't seem to get. I salute the courage and honor that this Sailor of our United States Navy has put on paper....!!!!

Semper Fidelis

08-31-05, 09:09 PM
another..."WELL SAID"......from our.......least of all .....service men.....

I wonder if sheehan......read any of these....


08-31-05, 09:12 PM

I doubt it she only goes for the negatives.

08-31-05, 10:00 PM
"Well said" again.

Joseph P Carey
08-31-05, 11:32 PM
I never thought I would say this, but "GO Navy!"

09-01-05, 04:45 AM
GySgRet.......I think we have another.....Hanoi Jane.......

What do you think...?

Sgt Carroll (Retired too)

09-01-05, 05:07 AM
10-4 on the Hanoi Jane, without really knowing what she is saying..

09-01-05, 05:31 AM
Good letter. This mother should hold her head in shame!