View Full Version : Mare Island Rifle Range

Old Marine
08-28-05, 09:04 AM
Anyone ever requal at the Mare Island Rifle Range?

A train runs right through the range and they call cease fire when it comes through and then commence firing when it has passed.

I don't know if Mare Island is still open or not. My guess would be that it has been closed.

Any old guys around this board who made the hike from MCRD, San Diego to Camp Matthews for qualification in Boot Camp. Quite the experience.

08-28-05, 09:56 AM
I've done the hike!! Sure was glad I was not a non-Qual, they had it pretty bad on the hike back. Was at Mare Island in '67 for Crypto training, but no re-Qual.

Take care-Steve

Sgt Ski 2/7
09-05-05, 02:54 AM
Mare Island was still open in 88 for security guard scool and it hosted FAST Company the range was located near tracks but I do not remember is they where still in use