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11-03-02, 07:48 AM
A question was asked. X number of people on line during the past Y hours. Compare that to the number of new posts. Etc, etc, etc.

I would like to invite a quantity of statisticians, psychologists, sociologists and others from the upper echelons of academia to visit "our" website. I think there is enough research material here to enable the issuance of a PHD, if properly presented.

Offhand I would say there are 25 viewers per initial post. Someone should expound upon the reputation of the poster AND/OR the appeal of the title of the post that attracts the initial viewers.

Also, corrolate the numbers. Initial viewers vs responses vs viewers who returned to view the reponses, etc.

Subject material worth a first viewing, making comments, viewing comments, depth of threads, revelency of comments, etc.

The raw data is available. What is done with it may mean the difference between a PHD and a broom.

(Personally, I prefer the broom.)

But, WTF, I'm just a Buck, who don't give a F**k, and THAT's the Morning Report, Sir. (Gunnyg, you can check that one out.)

Semper Fi.