View Full Version : A Parting Gesture

11-02-02, 07:39 PM
For all the friends I have made, and those who have always made me welcome to you I give all my best wishes and may this site go from strength to strength

To all Marines of the United Kingdom and of The United States Of America,who have felt the Dragons breath,Especialy in the conflics over the past few years.And to those Marines of today who look into the Dragons Mouth,and to the Marines who Guard our Interests, Cheers.

Heres To Us, And those like Us,Damm Few left.Aye

11-03-02, 12:06 AM
I never responded to your forum before. I felt any comments I could make would be a distraction.

Your post, "a parting gesture" sounds as if you are leaving us.

I, for one, have read all of your posts, and will miss them. As I am sure others will.

Please stay, or at least revisit us as our birthday approaches.

Yes, our comments are to OUR Corps, but in reality, they are to MARINES. So, Here's To Us, And those like Us, Damn Few left. Aye.

Semper Fi (to MARINES)