View Full Version : Congress Votes to Add Funds for Vets

Sgt Sostand
08-13-05, 05:49 PM
The House voted last week to provide an extra $1.5 billion for veterans health care programs in an attempt to cover an expected budget shortfall. Lawmakers said this amount should be enough to last until the next budget year that begins on Oct. 1. Lawmakers ignored the Department of Veterans Affairs most recent $1.3 billion estimate of need and went with the $1.5 billion figure that the Senate has repeatedly passed. The additional money is needed to correct VA underestimates of the number of veterans seeking care as well as increased costs of treatment and long-term care. The addition of $1.5 billion brings the total for VA's health care budget for 2005 to over $28 billion. Under the legislation adopted today, any of the $1.5 billion not used during the 2005 budget year, which ends September 30, will be carried over into 2006. The bill is now on its way to President Bush for his signature.:marine: