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07-27-05, 07:53 AM
MARADMIN 322/05 changes uniform regulations
Marine Forces Pacific
Story by Lance Cpl. R. Drew Hendricks

U.S. MARINE CORPS FORCES PACIFIC, CAMP H. M. SMITH, Hawaii (July 26, 2005) -- Marines will have to recheck uniform regulations due to more than 10 miscellaneous changes in Marine Administrative Message 322/05, which was released July 17.

Some of the changes are small, but if Marines do not pay attention to them they may find themselves out of uniform.

One of the more pertinent changes, which will ultimately save lives, is to motorcycle safety equipment. Motorcycle safety jackets can now be worn over a Marine’s uniform while riding.
Before this change, the only things Marines could wear to protect against road rash, or other crash related injuries was a helmet, and they could roll the sleeves down on their utility coat.

This provided only limited protection and in some cases, caused more damage. In cases of extreme road rash, the utility coat could be ground into the rider’s skin, according to Marine Corps Safety Division.

One avid rider agrees, “If the only thing protecting you when you fall off your bike going 50, 40 or even 20 mph is your blouse, you are going to get ripped to shreds,” said Cpl. Daniel Rosales, a U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific supply clerk. “Changing that rule makes it easier to stay safe.”

Another change gives female Marines the choice of wearing diamond-studded earrings with their evening dress uniforms. Before this change they were only allowed to wear pearl earrings.

“This is great; it actually gives me a choice in what I wear. Pearls are nice but I prefer diamonds. I mean diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right?” said Cpl. Corinne Andersen, an administrative clerk here.

Also, Marines will no longer be required to wear their covers while in privately owned vehicles.

One other change concerns civilian attire. While on a military installation, all headgear, including civilian headgear, will be removed while indoors.

This may not seem like anything new, but it was brought up to the Marine Corps Uniform Board that this requirement was never officially added to the uniform regulations.

For more information on these or other changes refer to MARADMIN 322/05, or check Marine Corps order P1020.34G.


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