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07-25-05, 10:12 AM
Is she ever going to fade away???? Riding around in a tour bus that runs on vegatable oil......It is like a flash back = where this traitor showed her ugly mug all over north vietnam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What a fine American she IS!!!!!!!!!!! MSNBC website has the rest of the heinous information about this evil COW....

07-25-05, 10:32 AM
Oh for the love of Pete, She is back!!!

What a B!TCH...


Joseph P Carey
07-25-05, 10:54 AM
Maybe, She should go to Iraq and hook up with the insurgents there! I would love to see her in the hands of the insurgents, least wise her head!

07-25-05, 11:34 AM
Maybe she can get a photo Op of her configuring and IED before a US Convoy comes through.

07-25-05, 01:06 PM
I think Ellie said it best: "WHAT A BlTCH!!"

She makes me want to http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v25/cajunguy/pukeleft.gif

07-25-05, 06:16 PM
That really shoots the shlit of her previous 'apology'. Common sense and common decency says you don't apologize and then go do the same damn thing.

We got to put on our thinking caps to counter this bull****.

Joseph P Carey
07-25-05, 06:56 PM

She is an actress, not a very good one, but an actress none the less. She can pull those fake tears out of her butt any time she wants.

It reminds me of the dog and the scorpion. The dog was wanting to swim across a river, and there on the bank of the river was a scorpion that wanted to cross the river also, but it could not swim and the current would have taken it over the falls at the end.

The scorpion begged the dog time and again to allow the scorpion to ride on the dog's head across the river, and the dog kept saying, "No, you will kill me if you sting me!"

The scorpion finally said, "If you die, I die! Why would I sting you?"

The dog finally allowed the scorpion on his head, and he started across the river. Halfway across the river the scorpion stung the dog, and as the dog was dying, he said to the scorpion, "Why? Now, we both die!"

The Sorpion said, "After all, I am a Scorpion, this is what I do! You should have known better than to trust in me."

Jane is a scumbag that just never changed, and no one should have ever believed she would have! My sincere hope is to see her with her head mounted on the end of an Iraqi Bayonet. That is one photograph of her on a gun I would like to see her mounted on!

Phantom Blooper
07-25-05, 07:02 PM
SANTA FE, N.M. — Actress and activist Jane Fonda (search) says she intends to take a cross-country bus tour to call for an end to U.S. military operations in Iraq.

"I can't go into any detail except to say that it's going to be pretty exciting," she said.

Fonda said her anti-war tour in March will use a bus that runs on "vegetable oil." She will be joined by families of Iraq war veterans and her daughter.

They plan to return to the Santa Fe area, where she was promoting her book, "My Life So Far" (search) on Saturday.

Prompted by a question from the audience, Fonda said war veterans that she has met on a nationwide book tour have encouraged her to break her silence on the Iraq war.

"I've decided I'm coming out," she said.

Hundreds of people in the audience cheered loudly when Fonda announced her intentions to join the anti-Iraq war movement.

"I have not taken a stand on any war since Vietnam," she said. "I carry a lot of baggage from that."

Fonda incited controversy in July 1972 when she was photographed sitting on a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun while on a tour of the country to drum up support to end the war.


Joseph P Carey
07-25-05, 07:24 PM
She sounds like the same old Scorpion to me Wing!

07-25-05, 07:37 PM
I've got a extra set of spike strips so if she comes by in her "CRISCO Bus" I can set them up as a welcome mat.

What a waste of flesh. It pi$$es me off that the media just glorifies this BIATCH!

07-26-05, 09:02 AM
Baghdad Barbarella
By Jed Babbin
Published 7/26/2005 12:08:54 AM

The Clintons are the gift that keeps on giving, but only in small ways these days. He and She are always out there, grabbing a few column inches on page 1 or page 3, jostling lesser beings out of the line-of-sight between the lens and their mugs. It's all small, incremental stuff now, gradually removing the liberal tarnish from her moderate pose in preparation for the '08 campaign. Much rarer, and consequently much more treasured, is the return of an old gift -- or in this case, an old affliction -- after a very long time. Jane Fonda's return to politics opens too many old wounds.

Seems like just yesterday when she posed on a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun, looking so serious, so concerned and so sensitive as the NVA jollied her along on her first "Damn the U.S. Fighting Man" tour. Was it just before -- no, as I remember it was a bit after -- that she and the recently-returned-from-Paris Vichy John Kerry were pitching a fit back here. She'd disappeared after she gained her wish: we withdrew from Vietnam, leaving our allies to be murdered, and the rest of Southeast Asia to come under the sway of those such as Pol Pot. She kinda sorta apologized for her trip to North Vietnam, but the enormity of what she and her ilk -- including Sen. Kerry -- caused in that part of the world is beyond her ken.

Now, the worst has happened. Or is it the best? It may have been inevitable, but now it's true: Hanoi Jane is launching the most awful comeback since Burt Reynolds decided to play Boss Hogg. And where once stood the svelte Hanoi Jane, we shall now gaze upon the nipped-and-tucked Baghdad Barbarella.

According to the press coverage yesterday, Baghdad Barbarella is going on a cross-country bus tour next March to call for withdrawal -- i.e., retreat -- from Iraq. She of course claims to be responding to the calls for action she's heard from Iraq vets on her current book tour (no, she couldn't be doing this just to hawk a book, could she?) and promises that vets will accompany her on the tour. Too bad her bus tour won't reprise the North Vietnam trip. If she visited the terrorist camps in Syria, she'd surely be welcomed. It would be an event worth targeting, er, covering.

It's perfectly wonderful that she should choose to do this in the early part of a campaign year. How many congressmen and senators will be eager to step up to her microphone and chant, "Hey, hey Dick Chay-nay, how many kids have you killed today" or "Hell no, we won't go" with BB? Other than Dennis Kucinich and Cynthia McKinney, there's nary a one who will cock an arm to pitch someone else's medals over the Capitol fence. Not even John Kerry will do that this time. I'd bet even Howlin' Howie won't give her a shout.

Republicans can make this a wonderful campaign tool if they have the stomach for it. How many R's will take the microphone in a debate, and demand their opponent join them in condemning Fonda? How many new campaign ads for 2008 will come out of the bus tour? (Note to Messrs. Mehlman and Rove: this time, youse guys have surpassed yourselves. I always suspected that Kerry was taking your shilling, but to get Fonda back in the game you must have come up with an offer she couldn't refuse, such as a lifetime supply of Botox. Geniuses, both of you.)

And for Mizz Fonda, how much fun will she have when she's met by a picket line of Vietnam Vets -- joined by Afghanistan and Iraq vets -- everywhere she goes? You'll see them everywhere: walking on canes, in wheel chairs, on their feet by the hundreds and thousands. Fonda is a symbol of everything that was wrong with America in the 1960s. Self-absorbed, fearful, convinced America is an evil influence on the world and consequently eager to help defeat America, she and those who marched with her lost a war that should have been won, and could have.

We lost Vietnam, but losing it didn't cost us our way of life. We suffered, or at least those who served and the families of those who didn't come back did. But America recovered and became itself again. There's a difference today: if we lose this war -- in Iraq or anywhere else -- we lose America. Fonda will have little effect on this war. In fact, the only thing she will accomplish is to bring another round of scorn upon herself. It will be both awful and an awful lot of fun to watch her latest anti-American campaign unfold. We should hang on her every word, because each will be one more round in our ammo box to be fired back at the Kerrys and Kennedys, Deans and Durbins and Clintons who want to pretend they can be trusted with our nation's security. Fonda will be the albatross hanging around every Democratic neck in 2006 and, I pray, in 2008.

The only thing that could possibly be better than this is to find that she's run off with Dick Durbin.

TAS contributing editor Jed Babbin is the author of Inside the Asylum: Why the UN and Old Europe Are Worse Than You Think (Regnery, 2004).


07-26-05, 09:30 AM
Chewing tobacco sales will soar in preparation for this hanoi jane tour.

I hope they have a flat tire every mile.

They are still looking for the Vets who supposedly wanted her to "come out".

What a waste of human flesh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


07-26-05, 09:42 AM
will someone put a 50 cal. round in her head.................

07-26-05, 12:49 PM
If they do, I'll volunteer to pay for the round!


Joseph P Carey
07-26-05, 12:51 PM
What is it that she expects to accomplish? Does she expect the 'All benevolent' Freedom Fighter insurgents to give up their insurgency, just because the Americans will leave? Does she expect the country of Iraq to come together without incident into a democracy, somewhat like Vietnam never did (Thirty Years and not one election to ever legitimize the goons of Hanoi)? Or, does she expect that the removal of American Troops will do anything to help the poor people of Iraq that are dying, not at the hands of the Americans, but at the hands of political lust and religious fervor?

In truth, without American troops blood will run like rivers in the streets of Iraq! Not combatant blood, but the blood of many children will drench the sands of Iraq! And, as far as democracy goes, it will be the same type of democracy that was seen in Vietnam. It will be like the Government of Ho Chi Minh, that was never elected, it came to power at the barrel of a gun, and ruled from the barrel of a gun all of these years. No free press, no free elections, and no free determination of the people.

There are men of the US Armed Forces who are determined to never again let a country fall behind prison bars, but Hanoi Jane, or Baghdad Barbarella as the columnist now calls her, does not see that. These are professional Soldiers and Marines sworn to the Constitution of the United States in the spirit of Jefferson spreading democracy in a part of the world where this is a foriegn concept. They are not draftees! They are men and women that understand that these small fights are what will keep us free, and will stop Terrorism.

Jane should realize that no Terrorist Organization will ever keep its word. The Terrorists of North Vietnam did not keep their word in the Peace Treaty Accords in Paris, North Korea's Kim did not keep his word to the Administration of President Clinton, and the Fundamentalists of The Middle East and Central Asia will not keep their word in any bartered Peace deal.

Just, what is it exactly that Jane is looking for this time? Just, what is it that she believes in this time? And, Just, what exactly will she apologize for this time, when she finally learns the sad truth of what it is she has done?

All those sad words of her father's good name being dragged in the dirt by her insipid actions meant nothing to her when she uttered them, and they mean less to her now. All she is concerned with is the failing sales of her pornographic life style book, and that is a very sad commentary on Jane Fonda, Money speaks louder than do the lives of oppressed peoples. Once more, by the benefit of her lack of intelligence and her extreme lack of foresight, she is being used once again as she complains that she has been all her life in her literary aboration!

Jane Fonda is a very sad collection of human flesh and bone! It is so sad that she is a empty 'talking head'! If there is a poster child for retroactive abortions, Jane is that being!

radio relay
07-26-05, 04:53 PM
Won't shut up until she's pork chops frying in satan's skillet... slathered with vegetable oil! http://perso.wanadoo.fr/atil/forum/fouet3.gif

07-26-05, 06:15 PM
Courtesy of Mark aka The Fontman

Jane Fonda's "coming out" party!

Debbie Daniel
July 25, 2005

Well, well, well! While the United States is engaged in combat against terrorists in Iraq, our ubiquitous Hanoi Jane can't seem to get a handle on attaining maximum attention from her most recent book tour promoting herself. Please don't question that statement; what else could she have possibly wanted to do when she entitled her book: "My Life So Far"? Gee, I certainly wanted an update, didn't you?

And then today we hear . . . "I've decided I'm coming out," says Miss Fonda. She went on to say, "I can't go into detail except to say that it's going to be pretty exciting."

Yippeeeee! It sounds like fun already!

Wow! Coming out of where? Coming out to do what? I'm sitting here with bated breath, aren't you?

Jane Fonda keeps "coming out" - reinventing herself as often as "Tide" comes out with a new and improved detergent. What could this woman possibly need in her life that she craves attention so badly that now she wants to parade through the streets of America on a tour bus calling for an end to U.S. military operations in Iraq?

Wasn't sitting on an anti-aircraft gun with communists in North Vietnam enough, or does she need to relive such an exciting time in her life?

Get ready, she may be coming to a town near you - raise the Jane Fonda flag and greet her with open arms and give her a hero's welcome.

She says she's doing this because war veterans have encouraged her to break her silence. I've never known Jane Fonda to be silent, so now she wants to talk? Now she needs to demonstrate her "real" feelings?

Go ahead, Miss Fonda, mount yourself on top of a tour bus just as you straddled that communist anti-aircraft gun in position to shoot down American pilots in Vietnam. Will you have some terrorists along for the ride as you did with the North Vietnamese?

Will you be in some simulated position as if to shoot down American soldiers who would dare try to win a war against terrorism? Go ahead and give us a little snapshot of what message you want to convey after strong encouragement from our veterans.

Hmm, it was our very own veterans that helped you see the light? Who else but a war veteran could have motivated you to spend the next eight months getting prepared for your biggest effort ever against your country's position to protect itself against terrorism? The veterans made you do it, huh?

That's right, Miss Fonda, COME ON OUT, and show us once again how bad we are. Show the American people the error of their ways. And do it right here at home - right in our faces. This time you don't even have to go to the enemy's territory to make your case, we can all see the picture clearly from here. There won't be any mistaking who that lady is on top of the tour bus with a gun pointed at an American soldier. It will be YOU and we can all witness it together.

When will your parade schedule be printed so that we can certainly be in attendance as you pass in review?

You've had so many "coming outs" that we just can't keep up with them all. Your "coming out" as a born-again Christian; your "coming out" as a proponent for abortion-on-demand; and then your early tryst to "come out" and be part of a three-some with your husband and another partner because you feared your husband might leave you. Hmmm! That's quite a list of "coming outs," dear lady.

If you'll just let us know the day and hour you'll be passing our way, we will certainly see that a huge uproarious crowd is there to greet you. Maybe we'll line up behind your "vegetable oil" fueled bus and march all the way back to Santa Fe, New Mexico with you.

Boy, that's one way to get a book sold. We know John Kerry will be in the crowd and won't Osama bin Laden be proud?

And this, dear lady, will be proof positive of your desire to once again "aid and abet the enemy."

---Debbie Daniel is an advertising account executive in Central Texas. She is a native of Louisiana and graduated from Mississippi College in the field of Psychology and Religious Education.


07-27-05, 10:24 AM


The Tinsel Town Twit is on the road again trying to bring back the happiest time of her life............the 60's & 70's era. Ol' Jane is, like so many people, trapped in that time period and can't get past it. They have to wake up to the fact that period is history and it is time to move on. Those times were what memories are made of.

There is a saying, engraved in stone, on the exterior of the Archive's building in Washington – 'THE PAST IS PROLOGUE, STUDY THE PAST." To my mind, this means that you remember "things" and try not to repeat mistakes. If our national leaders would chase the interns and pages past the building, they could possibly "take five" and learn something.

Sorry, back to Jane. The only thing this hussy is interested in is selling her book (that she supposedly wrote). In her quest, there have been several "incidents, " such as the spitting episode. Now, no one can convince me that this wasn't staged. I say this based upon so-called celebrity security. This bag is so reviled in many parts that everyone approaching her is well screened. It is something like the "protesters" at congressional hearings. These people just happen to have signs and posters that just happen to make it past security checkpoints, Give me a break.

Jane Fonda is, by definition, a traitor and at the very least should be banished and her name and picture should replace Benedict Arnold's in every schoolbook. Ol' Ben only turned over sketches of the defenses to West Point, and to his credit, he stayed with the British. On the other hand, Ol' Jane and her gang of idiots were allowed re-entry to the country and celebrated for their deeds (by many of the same people in the catbird seats today). In my opinion, she, and her ilk, should be hung, drawn and quartered for causing the death and disabling of so many Americans (the number will never be known).

Finally; I disagree with many who have called her a *****. First, she is not worthy of the title, and secondly it gives *****'s a bad name. I would put her in the same category as the scum that rises to the top of the cesspool.

Semper Fi


07-27-05, 12:27 PM
Jane Fonda's Magical Mystery Tour
By Kathleen Parker
Townhall.com | July 27, 2005

Like millions of Americans, I heaved a sigh of relief upon reading that Jane Fonda finally is going to speak out against the war in Iraq. Where has she been?

On book tour promoting her autobiography-in-progress, My Life So Far. We might have guessed a real-time sequel was in the offing.

Fonda says that, having met some veterans and their families while on tour, she's decided to break her silence. "I've decided I'm coming out," she told an audience in Santa Fe, NM. "I have not taken a stand on any war since Vietnam. I carry a lot of baggage from that."

That baggage includes the now infamous photo of Fonda in 1972 sitting atop a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun while on a tour of that country. Many Vietnam vets do not forgive Fonda for what they view as treason and for making their lives harder, especially prisoners of war who were tortured in her name. To her limited credit, Fonda has apologized. (Sort of.)

Still, her newest foray into antiwar territory feels like a cartoonish parody of her former self. Jane Fonda playing Jane Fonda. In her newest version of Me, Myself and I, Fonda will segue from book tour to antiwar tour via a cross-country trip on a bus that runs on vegetable oil. Slick. But is it canola?

Fonda is mum on details but promises "it's going to be pretty exciting." One can hardly wait. Suddenly, I find myself dreaming of a time when the Rolling Stones do not do one more tour, and Jane Fonda does not find her groove again.

Ending the war is surely the goal of any sane person, but what precisely would Jane Fonda and others against the war have us do? Withdrawing now isn't an option. Losing the war isn't an option. Handing Iraq to terrorists isn't an option. Even those opposed to invading Iraq concede that much.

So what is the point of an antiwar, vegetable oil bus tour? After this trip, Fonda may need a small island to accommodate the baggage she'll accrue.

Meanwhile, there is serious work to do in Iraq, especially as a new constitution is being crafted, the success of which will hasten our ability to withdraw successfully. If Fonda and other celebrities want to attach their names to something constructive, they might join the Independent Women's Forum (iwf.org) in trying to advance the status of women in Iraq and, ultimately, throughout the Middle East.

IWF members meet regularly with Iraqi women, both in the U.S. and abroad, to teach them the principles of democracy and equal rights. Their critically important work is based on the understanding that democracy and freedom are the antidote to terrorism, and that women's (and other minority) rights are fundamental to the ultimate cure.

At this precarious moment, as terrorists gain momentum from successful hits in Britain, Lebanon, Egypt and elsewhere, Iraq's working-draft constitution leaves much to be desired. Of greatest concern is a section that leaves personal matters - marriage, divorce and inheritance - to whatever religious law is practiced by the family's sect.

Women are equal, in other words, as long as their rights don't violate Shariah, or Koranic law. What this could mean for Iraqi women is on vivid display in places where Islamic law rules.

A few days ago, for example, a woman in an Indian village who was raped by her father-in-law was forced to nullify her marriage, marry the rapist, and act as mother to her former husband. This mind-numbing fatwa was issued by South Asia's most powerful theological school, according to The Washington Times.

Before the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, Iraqi men and women were almost equal. Except for those chosen especially for rape by Saddam's sons and their henchmen, women faced only the same tortures as men. Now, they may face diminished status under a constitution that, as proposed, contradicts democratic principles of equality and freedom.

The Iraqi parliament has until Aug. 15 to adopt a draft constitution, which then faces a nationwide referendum by mid-October. If the women lose, we all lose.

Now there's a cause for feminists and Fondas alike. If we want to end the war in Iraq, a sound, woman-friendly constitution is at least part of the answer. To that end, Michelle Bernard, the IWF senior vice president who runs the democratic outreach program to Iraqi women, says she'd be happy to accept Fonda's check.


07-27-05, 01:59 PM
Well she can't convince women in this country to take her side maybe she'll have more luck in Iraq! Yes we'll all be glad to see her go!

07-27-05, 07:43 PM
Here we go again...where are those frags....Ammo up ! Ammo up! Set those mores at all major road intersections...Call in air support, tripple HE and WP.....God, I hate that woman with passion. so much so, I can't wait until she dies so I can **** on her grave....that ***** ! Where are those frags...where did I put that weapon....Ammo up ! ammo up! God damn VC :chinese: woman...she just couldn't leave well enough alone oh no, she loves this crap....Ammo up, ammo up.... call-N-Puff......ammo up. Fire mission, fire mission search all highways for large VC Fonda BUS, 25 rounds HE fire for effect when in contact. All kills not subject to review.....just crab a picture of the kill...


07-27-05, 08:08 PM


It kills me to see that this woman cant get the hint. she betrayed and hurt... ripped the hearts from many.

For everytime you hear her name remember that there are people who love and respect you guys... she'll never go away..... nor will I...

The good beats the evil...



frank massey
07-27-05, 10:45 PM
we should not forgit how fonda got three POWs killed by turning thim in.to the NVA at the Hilton
Is that not treason ?

07-29-05, 10:46 AM
while I am too young to remember any of that, I have listend to So Many vets tell me about it, and It makes me angry to think she has the gall to come back and do it again. It is My generation serving now, My Friends... My Brother.... My Husband....
and I guess the good thing is that because of what she did during Nam, My generation can learn from the Vets; and Hopefully wil NOT trust her, or listen to her and she will just be wasting vegtable oil, and lots of hot air.

07-29-05, 11:55 AM
New York Post

SCARLETT JOHANSSON, who pre viously had said she wouldn't go naked in a film, is topless in her new sci-fi thing, "The Island." And not because the director decreed it. It's by her own choice. Shooting this early-morning, getting-up-from-bed scene, she supposedly said: "Women don't normally sleep in a bra. I can't be shown waking up wearing a bra. It's ridiculous." Director Michael Bay then asked her suggestion as to wardrobe and Ms. Scarlett, who apparently did not turn scarlet, replied: "Well . . . nothing . . . "

IT'S musical trysts. Like Brad to Jennifer to Angelina, who jumped from Billy Bob Thornton. It's Ashley Olsen to Scott Sartiano to Jared Leto, who jumped off of Cameron Diaz. How they all still find time to work, God knows. New York club guy Sartiano, who leapfrogged from Ashley to Ashlee — from Mary-Kate's twin to Jessica Simpson's sister — moved to L.A. Started a marketing-event-type company. To seek new horizons. Or new famous females.

MANHATTAN's next new residential push will be the Madison Square Park (23rd to 26th street) area . . . Keanu Reeves' trademark blank expression earned him the nickname "The Wall" in high school . . . Martha YouKnowWho: "Look, I was married for 30 years. Isn't that enough? I've had my share of dirty underwear on the floor." . . . One of Noami Watts' favorite places is 40 Deuce Club, a spot in L.A. where Brazilian ladies dance naked. She says for a while she hung out there "at this burlesque dancing bar. Men stare, but I appreciate the women's beautiful moves." . . . As to Jason Alexander's hairlessness: It began at 17 when he got a perm. He says his hair started falling out immediately afterward. So don't anybody ask me anymore.

AREN'T we lucky? Isn't it great? We have patriotic ingrate Jane Fonda, the multiple divorceι who was born with a silver hoof in her mouth, acting as spokespig for our country again. Although she's born here, isn't there a way we can throw her out since her basic career is to bad-mouth the United States of America? If being a smoker is against the law, how about being a traitor? If spitting on the sidewalk is not allowed, how come spitting on the U.S.A. is OK? If double-parking gets a fine, shouldn't there be some small punishment for treason?

Hanoi Jane taking the money she made in this God-blessed country and spending it on a nationwide oink against us? Hanoi Jane who in 1972 betrayed United States prisoners of war during the blood-filled Vietnam days? Harming our nation and then apologizing just long enough to sell a book, a video or a monster of a movie? Three husbands left her. The whole rest of us should, too.

While signing her book someplace, this woman announced a hideous anti-Iraq bus tour she intends to take. She now announces she'll take her 32-year-old son, Troy, with her. Isn't anyone going to stop this? Isn't there some law against this? And her kid's comment about why mummy dearest is doing it? "I guess she thinks it's time for people to do something."

I know what they can do. They can drive her the hell out of here. Look, we don't all favor this war, but we do favor our country. Right or wrong, it's our country. We love it. We support it. We do not help the enemy.

READER Doug Easley, kvetching about our town, writes me he can't stand:

Subway riders who get on at rush hour with a bicycle. Bus riders who wear extra thick backpacks that take up the space of two people. Rollerbladers who expect you to get out of their way. Chatterers talking with friends in the middle of the sidewalk while everyone tries to maneuver around them. Window shoppers lost in a daze so passers-by keep bumping into them. Walkers who, as they approach, move neither right nor left so you have to counter or they'll smack into you. Lovers, hand-in-hand, forming a wedge on the sidewalk so you can't get past. Cellphoners directly behind you in a line who gab loudly into your ear. People who come down a stairway on the left side while others are trying to go up that same side — and vice versa. Travelers who wait until they get on the bus to start digging out their Metro card. Supermarketers who wait until they get up to the cash register to dig out their refund coupons although a dozen shoppers are standing in the check-out line, etc.

Only in New York, kids, only in New York.



07-30-05, 07:48 AM
Bush's Jane Fonda-esque mistake
July 30, 2005

Jane Fonda announced Monday that she's heading to Iraq for an anti-war tour in a bus powered by vegetable oil.

Doesn't Fonda ever learn? In 1972, after she visited Hanoi and accused U.S. leaders and POWs of war crimes, Fonda became America's most despised anti-war activist. Her Iraq jaunt will only give the hawks something new to snicker about.

But if Fonda learned little from her Vietnam escapades, the U.S. military learned many lessons from both the Vietnam War and the protests it generated.

Many in the armed forces felt bitterly undermined by Fonda's accusations and her cavalier attitude toward American POWs. Although the overwhelming majority of U.S. soldiers served honorably during our terrible war in Vietnam, the military has since come to accept that some of Fonda's points, while exaggerated, were not wholly unfounded.

After the testimony of scores of veterans appalled by their own brutalization, after the photos of children running from napalmed villages, and after My Lai, no credible voices inside or outside the military now deny that some American soldiers committed atrocities in Vietnam.

To U.S. military leaders, one lesson of Fonda's escapades was that preventing war crimes is not only a matter of law and morality, but also crucial to preserving military morale and public support for the troops.

In the three decades since the Vietnam War, our armed forces have worked hard to integrate material on the Geneva Convention into every soldier's training, and to develop internal procedures to prevent and punish violations. Members of the Judge Advocate General's Corps work with service members at every level to ensure the mistakes of Vietnam are not repeated.

Though not perfect, these efforts have met with enormous success. As Maj. Gen. Jack Rives, the Air Force deputy judge advocate general, put it, while military "culture and self-image … suffered during the Vietnam conflict" because of accusations of war crimes, post-Vietnam military programs emphasizing principles of the laws of war have "greatly restored the culture and self-image of U.S. armed forces."

Given this history, it's no surprise that the chief opponents of Bush administration efforts to gut prohibitions on torture and mistreatment came from the military.

On Monday, Republican Sen. (and former JAG officer) Lindsey Graham released several 2003 memos from JAG Corps leaders to their civilian Defense Department bosses. Unlike the syntax-parsing drivel from the Bush Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel — asserting that neither international law nor federal criminal law prohibited the president from authorizing interrogation techniques long viewed as torture — the JAG memos don't mince words.

Rives warned the general counsel's office at the Pentagon that "several of the more extreme interrogation techniques, on their face, amount to violations of domestic criminal law and the [Uniform Code of Military Justice]." His Navy JAG colleague, Rear Adm. Michael Lohr, wrote that at least one of the interrogation techniques suggested by the Justice Department "constitutes torture under both domestic and international law."

The Army's judge advocate general, Maj. Gen. Thomas Romig, said the Justice Department analysis could damage military "interests worldwide … putting our service personnel at far greater risk and vitiating many of the POW/detainee safeguards the U.S. has worked hard to establish over the past five decades."

Marine Corps JAG Brig. Gen. Kevin Sandkuhler cautioned that the techniques suggested by the Justice Department would "adversely impact … public support and respect of U.S. armed forces [and] pride, discipline, and self-respect within the U.S. armed forces." Also at risk would be military intelligence-gathering, efforts to encourage enemies to surrender and efforts to obtain support from allied nations.

It was Lohr who put the bottom line most poignantly: If questionable and harsh interrogation techniques are used, he asked, "will the American people find we have missed the forest for the trees by condoning practices that, while technically legal, are inconsistent with our most fundamental values?" His words were written in 2003, so we know the story's unhappy ending. The Bush administration ignored the JAG Corps warnings and permitted the use of numerous interrogation tactics — including "waterboarding," forced nudity and sexual humiliation — that make a mockery of the military's decades-long championship of the Geneva Convention.

Although the Bush administration silenced its JAG Corps critics, all their predictions are coming true: The administration's disregard for law has weakened support from allies, provided a propaganda boon to our enemies, and appears to be contributing to lowering the morale of U.S. troops in the field. The JAG Corps itself, which once attracted the best and brightest young military attorneys, has seen its applicant pool diminish substantially in recent years.

In the Vietnam War era, escapades such as Fonda's left American soldiers feeling bitterly undermined by some of their fellow citizens. It's a crying shame that this time around, those undermining the military are in the Bush adminstration.


mark king
07-30-05, 11:58 AM
Originally posted by marinefamily5
will someone put a 50 cal. round in her head.................


07-30-05, 12:31 PM
Bush's Jane Fonda-esque mistake
July 30, 2005

As I read Miss Brook's Jane Fonda "critique" I got the impression that there is a hidden agenda there. Say.....anti-war or Bush bashing (and military bashing as well).

Before proceeding, let me remind some folks as to why we are engaged in this conflict. If you recall, on 9/11, nineteen muslim radicals, fourteen of whom were Saudi citizens, educated in Saudi schools and inspired by Saudi "expatriate" Usama Bin Laden and his cohorts took advantage of the unwritten instructions to co-operate with hijackers. Using ordinary box cutters. or other sharp instruments, these people commandeered at least four civilian aircraft which they used in a kamikaze attack on Manhattan, NY and the Washington DC area.

Two of the aircraft "knocked down" the World Trade Center towers killing over 2000 residents of this country as well as the passengers on the planes. A third plane "plowed into" a recently remodeled and mostly vacant section of the Pentagon building in Arlington, VA killing military personnel, civilians and all aboard the plane. The fourth plane went down in a field in PA with all aboard (Personally, I think this plane was shot down. I base this assumption upon the cold, scripted, account given by the on-ground telephone operator and hyperbole following the incident). This fourth plane was supposedly bound for the White House or Capitol.

In the days following this un-warranted slaughter, all of the culpable parties (countries) were walking all over each other in an effort to deny involvement. Now, the old saying, "the longer the explanation the bigger the lie" comes into play here. If you watched these denials, you will note all of the nations we are now engaging are denying any involvement. That is, except Saudi Arabia, who continues to try and repair their image and keep from getting flattened.

So here we are, these un-provoked attacks on this country has brought about this current "war" and the expected protests by people who can't get out of the past. This is not ---- ---, this is the 21st century, year 2005, and a whole different generation and ballgame.

Our adversarys are not uniformed military personnel directed or under the control of any government. They don't care whether they kill or maim soldiers or civilians (the bloodier, the better). They use the white flag of truce as an instrument to catch the opposition off guard, they store munitions and supplies in schools (with students present), mosques, churches or other "neutral" facility (again, with or without innocent people present). They negotiate "truces" in order to regroup and resupply, they use women, children, the aged and infirm as human shields. I could go on and on with further examples, however one of the troops in Afghanistan summed it up well – "These people are Huns with AK47's."

So, as for the Geneva Convention criteria applying to them, I don't think so, and they certainly don't qualify for the UCMJ or civil law. In fact, those originating in Afghanistan should have been left incarcerated in the local jails (you know, the shipping containers with air vents cut into them). Those in Iraq should be in the Iraqui prisons under supervision of their former guards.

Just a passing observation. Throughout history, generals have sought out advantageous terrain and conditions in which to "fight" their adversary. What better place than the sere land of Iraq? After all, mankind has been killing each other in this land for five thousand years or more, so the area is well known where warfare is concerned. If the radicals (a whole lot of whom are Saudi's and Syrian's) wish to join the Jihad there, more power to them. Better to destroy them there than here.

I will close this tirade with one other observation: Bin Laden (the hypocrite) let it be known that the justification for his attack was to bring attention to the plight of the Palestinian;s and to get the infidel off of holy soil (Saudi Arabia). At this point I will paraphrase ol' WT Sherman (of civil war fame). "If it is attention they want, let us give them as much as they have the stomach for." We might consider making Arabia HOLE-Y too.

The anti-war crowd, whiners and other bleeding hearts had better wake up to the fact that these people will not only kill them, and their familys, without pause, they will sit on their carsass and eat lunch while they discuss the next move.

Semper Fi


07-30-05, 01:25 PM
There is nothing wrong with Jane Fonda that a well-executed autopsy would not cure.

My husband had to deal with her traitor stance in Nam - now my son will deal with it in Iraq

07-30-05, 06:28 PM
Everyone be sure and buy lots of chewing tobacco and follow the example of the Vietnam Vet in KC who spat in her face. Maybe she'll get tired of wiping off that ugly mug of hers and quit.


07-30-05, 08:10 PM
I hope the she comes to my town so that I can show her the kind of support that she deservises, you know like get up the buddies who served with me and all the local guardsmen that just returned home from Iraq that are filled with pride and devotion to this county. If asked or call back I would glady go back to insure that this county and especially my family could remain free. I was not yet born during the Vietnam war however have heard of the kinds of things that this ***** has done. It makes me want to get some one famous and take a bus tour myself I would follow right behind her at the same time and then will see who has more support.

Joseph P Carey
07-30-05, 10:59 PM
Believe me Harder, she will not be stopping in small town USA! There are two reasons for that: 1) Small town USA is most certainly not Blue districts, and there is not as much money there as is in the large Blue Cities, 2) She will only go where she has a following, and she will only go where there is a large media to report her every move, this sells books! After all, it is always about the money with her! She sure as hell is not making any money with her acting career!

Toby M
07-31-05, 09:30 AM
Excellent point Mr. Carey...she is not interested in the welfare of the little guy (let alone the military). She is after the big buck and she can only get that in the big cities where she can corral the sheep into one pen!

07-31-05, 12:15 PM
They are already planning to pull the guys with in a year,So it looks like a book tour to me.Its the timeing to make her look good
(see I did good again)DUH.
I dont see that she has a legal right to breath.
She cant sing,cant act,just a total waste of life BUT gets the attention JUST when she needs it