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07-22-05, 11:51 PM
It is my sad duty to inform any Marines and fellow Poolees of Matt Windhams (Semperfidelis20) that he will not make his ship date at MCRD Parris Island Monday July 25th. I have just learned that he was involved in an auto accident a week ago yesterday and passed away from his beloved Corps on Tuesday July 19th of this week. For those Marines that didnt have the privelege of knowing Matt he was a hard charging Poolee whos only desire was to become a Marine and if you only knew the hardship that he undertook to make that reality you would understand. He was the best Poolee that I have had the privelege of mentoring and would have made a fine Marine 0311. I have only just learned of this tragic turn of events and my heart is heavy and ask only that yall pray for my young pups family in their time of need. Rest in peace Matt you will be missed bro.

Semper Fi Matt ya rate it!

Jimmy :(

07-22-05, 11:58 PM
Matt was a great kid. I got to know him here and spoke to him on several occasions. I know he would have made one damn fine Marine and I will miss him.
Semper Fi Matt, Rest in peace

07-23-05, 12:11 AM
Semper Fi Matt, Rest in Peace

07-23-05, 12:14 AM

07-23-05, 12:15 AM
Semper Fi Matt you would have made it and been one of the best. You will be missed and we pray that you may rest in peace.

07-23-05, 12:47 AM
A hard charging fine young man. I got to know him a bit recently and was thoroughly impressed at his attitude and demeanor. He is still an outstanding example for every poolee on how to prepare for training. Matt had the right stuff to earn the Title.

Semper Fi, Matt.

Phantom Blooper
07-23-05, 01:20 AM
Godspeed,fairwinds and following seas! RIP Matt! You would have made a fine Marine! I would have been happy to serve with you anytime! Prayers for the family! Semper-Fidelis "Never Forget" Chuck Hall :marine:

07-23-05, 09:42 AM
Matthew Windham was in a car accident on Thursday, July 14, 2005 in the Atlanta area. He passed away on Tuesday, July 19, 2005 from injuries sustained in that accident. Matt was 18 years old and scheduled to enter the Marine Corp on Monday, 7/18.
The family will hold two services: one in Atlanta and one in Orlando.

Friday, July 22
Viewing: 2PM
Service: 3PM
Baptist Church of Woodstock
11905 Hwy 92, Woodstock, GA 31088 (click link for a map)

Monday, July 25
Viewing: 4PM - 6PM
Oaklawn Park Funeral Home
5000 County Road 46a, Sanford, FL 32771 (click link for a map)
Tuesday, July 26
Service: 1PM
Episcopal Church of the Resurrection
351 E Lake Brantley DR, Longwood, FL 32779 (click link for a map)
Interment will follow service.
Oaklawn Park Funeral Home
5000 County Road 46a, Sanford, FL 32771 (click link for a map)
Reception will be held following the burial at the Episcopal Church of the Resurrection


In lieu of flowers or other gifts, the family believes Matthew would have appreciated donations being made toward his younger brother's recovery from Fanconi's Anemia and his bone marrow transplant. More information on this may be found on young Devin's website.

Scott and Karen Windham's home address is:
614 Whittingham Place, Lake Mary, FL 32746
Susan Windham's home address is:
6301 Northwest Hogan DR, Parkville, MO 64152

07-23-05, 10:48 AM
May his soul rest in immortal peace. Sure seems like the good do die young. Thanks for the info. Jim.

07-23-05, 10:54 AM
Such a awful event. This, a fine example of what young men should strive to be, taken away from us so soon before his time. You're right Gary, the good always do die young.

07-23-05, 02:23 PM
My sincere condolences to his Family and Friends

God Bless,


Too the Poolee's YOU have Your Own Forum to write Your Condolences..;)

Sgt Ski 2/7
07-23-05, 03:29 PM
Semper Fi Matt .......see you at the pearly gates on guard duty......

Arlene Horton
07-23-05, 08:46 PM
Rest in Peace Matt. May God Bless your family and help them to deal with their great loss. Semper Fi

07-24-05, 12:03 AM
semper fi matt you would have been a good marine i know you would have made us proud to to call you MARINE rip bro

07-24-05, 02:24 AM
Talked to matt some in chat, he would have been an awesome marine, I was looking forward to seeing him in the Corps. Semper Fi my brother, and Gods peace to your family and friends.

07-25-05, 12:04 PM

07-25-05, 02:32 PM
Rest in Peace Matt...prayers are out for the family and friends of this young man! Semper Fi

07-25-05, 08:27 PM
I know this doesn't make any sense but I bet that this happens, pretty much, to everyone. Whenever someone passes on, who just happens to have the same name as a loved one that you know, it hits home in more ways than one. Bless you Matt for all the goals that you worked towards. Your efforts were noted and duly acknowledged even though we have never met. Rest in peace. You are in good company.

07-25-05, 09:09 PM
To all who have posted their thoughts and prayers, Thank You. Knowing that Matt was as special to others as he was to me is comforting in this time of grief. Matthew was my world and I will try hard to carry on because I know that is what he would want. Having the memories of him shared by others helps my heart from hurting so much.

Susan Windham - Matthew's Mother.

07-25-05, 09:18 PM
May the Good Lord Bless you and keep you, Susan. Semper Fidelis

07-25-05, 09:27 PM
Thank you for logging on and for your words. Although your son Matthew is physically no longer here, his spirit will live forever. As long as you breathe, your son will be with you...until that time when you, once again, will be together. Take care now and as our friend from the north said,"May the Good Lord bless and keep you.

07-27-05, 02:08 PM
RIP my little brother. Matt was a very fine young man and would have made a very fine Marine. This really breaks my heart because he was so close. Thank you SSGT for opening my heart so that I was able to step into a mentor position. If it weren't for you I would have never mean't Matt. Semper FI little brother and I'll see you soon. You stand guard up there and I'll do what I can from here.:marine:

07-27-05, 03:38 PM
God Bless you and your Family Susan during your time of grief. Your son will be missed and I'm sure he would have been a fine asset to the Corps.


Rest in Peace Matt

07-27-05, 03:47 PM
Semper Fi, Ms Windham, Semper Fi.

07-27-05, 08:03 PM
get some little bro

we love ya

07-27-05, 08:32 PM
May the Good Lord give you peace and understanding in your time of loss. Just remember he is in a better place gaurding the gates of heaven. SEMPER FI Susan keep your chin up and remember you are among one of the best families on earth other than your own. SEMPER FI SGT.Matt 69-75

07-31-05, 09:14 PM
Like some others here, I had the privilege of chatting with Matt on a pretty regular basis. What an outstanding young man he was.

Matt's love for the Corps and his determination to make honor graduate ( "Not a problem, Mom - they haven't had me on the Island yet. I'll be honor grad - trust me"), made us all proud. His untimely death is a loss to the Corps that is immeasurable.

As Matt reports for guard duty at that last posting, he will uphold the Corps values and be waiting to greet his fellow Marines with a smile, a kind word and his own definite sense of style.

Semper Fidelis, Matt - you were always faithful.

08-02-05, 10:03 AM
damn I have a story about Windham....Picked up over 600 recruits this cycle. After the first week over 20 wanted out, they wanted to quit and hated being in MCRDSD. I printed some post of Windham and read them aloud to all. After discussing this issue with these quitters in detail of the motivation and determination of this poolee, all the recruits left my office ready to train and become Marines. Thanks Matt.


Ann Windham
08-08-05, 07:16 PM
Thank you all so very much for all the kind and wonderful words about Matt Windham. Matt left 3 brothers who will miss him so much, but they have all lot of good memories. His granddad and I also have a lot of memories and will always have a lot of love for him. Matt accepted Christ as his Savior on March 27, 2005.
So, Yes he is on guard, and waiting for all of us to join him. May God bless each and everyone of you.

Ann Windham, Matt's Grandmother ( Granny)

08-08-05, 07:19 PM
Bless you Miss Ann

08-08-05, 07:55 PM
God Bless you and your family too Ann. I had the pleasure of knowing Matt and interacting with him in achieving his goal in life to become a United States Marine. He was what I refer too as a born Marine, in that I learned as much from him as he did from me of our core values of Honor, Courage and Committment. His drive, desire and motivation were quite remarkable and he will be missed, and a shining example to those young men and women that choose to follow him. Matt was not just a Poolee to me he was a friend and a brother whos only desire was to be recognized as my brother and he truly has earned that recognition.

Semper Fidelis



08-08-05, 08:19 PM
I guess I must have missed an event. I didn't know Matt had already completed Boot. I say this due to all the posts with Our Corps symbols and such.

Semper Fi Marine and Rest In Peace.

A Brother to you Matthew Windham.


08-08-05, 09:57 PM
Matt had the heart of a Marine. I have no doubt he earned the title.

08-09-05, 07:09 AM

08-09-05, 08:44 AM
As Matt's mom, I can assure you, HE WAS A MARINE. That was the one thing about Matthew that you could never doubt. Even as the one who had to push him off the couch to put the dishes away, I knew he would suceed at becoming the highest Marine possible during his lifelong career with the corp.


08-09-05, 02:26 PM
My little brother as I refered to him, was truly a Marine. Never seen someone quite so moto since I joined. He will be greatly missed but we'll meet again. Don't worry Matt, when I become CMC of the Marine Corp, you'll still be my first choice for Sgt. Major of the Marine Corp. R.I.P. and Semper FI. :marine:

Ann Windham
08-09-05, 08:17 PM
Matthew David Windham, A Marine. Matt was born a Marine. Matt died a Marine. Within him was part of every battle won. Part of every sandy beach landed. Part of every rugged mountain climbed. Part of every flag raised to adorn a distant land. He was my hero. He was my hope. He was my Marine. The harps have called. Now he's my "Danny Boy". Rest in peace, I'll be waiting. Semper fi my buddy,semper fi.

written by granddad::
Gene Windham

08-18-05, 05:31 PM
As the father of one young man going thru MCRD San Deigo right now I know how much Matt meant to them, he had matt's cell # on his phone and always called him to give each other grieve about how much the other could be better than the other. I have no doubt that matt would have made it and been a fine Marine. I talked to matt my self after my son left early for boot and was impressed by how he held him self and pushed others to adcheive more and go for the top.
Semper Fi Matt

09-09-05, 06:20 PM
Mamm it is my grivences to hear about your loss in more ways than most mother know. I heard a week befor I myself became a Marine I am he to say that I wish to talk to you over the phone at you convinence. I knew Matt pretty well as not only teen to teen but Now above all Marine to Marine. I will always keep him in my heart and will wear my Eagle Globe and Anchor with more weight upon my heart.

Please call me at 970-539-2878

Semper Fi

You will always be in this family, the best and most tightly nit.

09-09-05, 10:05 PM
I was away in MN at the time this occured. I had never had the privilage of chatting with Matt. However, according to the Marines, and others on this website I have missed a great opportunity. My condolences to the family and friends of this fine young example for the Marines past and present and the future. The Drill Instructor used Matt as a tool and probably helped to save people's lives by passing on Matt's wisdom.

Semper Fidelis

10-07-05, 03:43 AM
Semper Fi Matt! Rest In Peace bro, your desire to become a United States Marine was like no other and you would have made a damn fine Marine God Bless you and Rest in Peace!

Ann Windham
10-13-05, 09:17 PM
It's going on 3 months since we lost Matt to our GOD in heaven, as one of his grandmothers, I feel the lost every day. Matt is in a much better place and I know he is keeping an eye on all down here. Our love for Matt grows each day just as it does for our living grandchildren.
All our love to you Matt.
Granny & Granddad

10-30-05, 01:35 PM
Well...I am back...I graduated Oct.21st from PI...and I had gotton to know matt from wayyyyyy back...we talked everyday and he was my motivation...when things got rough he was ALWAYS there for me. He always made sure I was good to go for boot camp (we were going to be shipping out on the same day and had made many plans to hang out at mct...where im going now...) He always made sure his angel (the nickname he reffered to me as) was drinking water and Running all the time. I remember telling him "I don't know how im going to make it through boot camp without ya there motivating me all the time!" and he said "you say I motivate you, but YOU motivate me"...I had to make a very difficult choice in my life...I was devastated by what had happened just 2 days before I was supposed to ship to boot camp...I had to decide If I was still going to go through with it right then or not...I mean I was COMPLETELY unstable emotionally and in the end it kinda screwed me up at the begining of boot camp (which carried through the rest of boot...) but I stuck it out...everytime things got rough I thought back to one night when I was talking to matt and I was scared about getting dropped or failing something when he told me over and over in a beautiful speech about how I'd make it and that I'd be seeing him at MCT with all our plans in effect....I swear the one thing that kept me sane at boot was Talking to God and Matt. I knew he was there with me (I kept a pic he sent me closeby) and I had it with me on graduation day safe in my pocket. In a sense I guess you could say we still graduated together...

If anyone takes anything from my post it should be this: Matt once told me of a time he came across hearing a car splash into a lake/swamp. He had tried to save the people inside (I think it was a woman and kid) but only got waist high before being forced to stop after the swamp prevented him from going foward...I always thought to myself how much I thought of him as a hero even though he couldn't save them (some wouldnt even bother to look over) and I could never relate to him on that level of feeling like you were cheated something you wish you could have done. Well now I know...and I felt VERY cheated when he left without a goodbye...it was the first time where I felt someone really ripped out the rug from underneath. I wish I could have told him how wonderful of a person he was for a last time but I didnt get to. Point being, hug all your loved ones and show how much you care about those you love. You never know when the rug might get pulled out from underneath you...

"do not mourn my death, honor it" -Matt Windham always said that. Ironic...

Forever your "angel" Matt,

10-30-05, 02:07 PM
Congrates On Becoming A" U.s. Marine" Thanks For The Helping Us Along With Our Thoughts On "matt" He Is Watching The Gates For Us. Amen

11-02-05, 03:49 PM

I am sorry Matt did not get to say goodbye also. But he was there with you in Boot Camp. He was the one who graduated highest. He will be watching over you forever now so when you need him, look up.

I was with Matt when we heard the car splash into the water and no matter what we did, there was no way to help. The firemen said had we tried to go to where the car was, we would have died. It ended up being 30 feet down in a retention pond full of underwater weeds. He was a good person and had a good heart.

Be strong, be proud and Make Matt proud to have been a U.S. Marine.

Susan Windham
Matt's Mom

11-03-05, 10:44 AM
Mrs. Windham,

Be assured that Matt is and was a Proud U.S. Marine. After reading the posts about him being such a positive influence to recruits and present Marines, he will always be one of us.

Semper Fi, and God Bless.

11-09-05, 10:17 PM
I did not get a chance to know Matt unfortunately and I have been away for a while. From what I have read about this outstanding young man though it seems to me we have lost a fine addition to our family. Two thoughts run through my mind. Let me know if anyone else feels the same as I do:

"When I get to Heaven, St. Peter I will tell:
'One more Marine reporting, Sir.
I've done my time in Hell.'"

"Here's health to you and to our Corps
Which we are proud to serve.
In many a strife we have fought for life
And never lost our nerve.
If the Army and the Navy ever look on Heave's scene
They will find the streets are guarded by

Semper Fi

01-28-06, 02:35 PM

It has been 6 months already and it is horrible down here. Not a minute goes by that I don't want to talk to you and hold you again. How I pray that you knew how much I love you. I hope that the Marines up there is all that you wanted them to be down here. I know by now you would have been the head of the Marines if not that of all the military. I am sure Bush would be calling for advice daily. I miss you bud. Keep watch over us and we will keep looking up to you. I love you.


01-30-06, 05:57 PM
Mrs. Windham,

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate you raising such a wonderful young man. There were so many times at boot camp where I thought of Matt and somehow someway I'd get through the bad situations. ( I was supposed to leave the same time as him, and go to MCT together). I miss him alot too, I talked to him everyday here and Ive realized just how much he touched my soul. I thank God for allowing me to cross paths with him because I believe that nothing is coincidence and that meeting him was for a reason. I owe all my success to making it as a Marine to him, along with everything I love about the Corps. Ill never forget just how much he motivated me, and he will always CONTINUE to motivate me throughout my endeavors in or out of the Corps....

I'll never forget such a great person....Thank you for raising him right, and for allowing him to touch me in a way no one could ever understand.

-Julia Venegas (PFC, USMC)

04-21-06, 08:10 PM
I know that Matt used to be on this a lot of his time. I read what everybody has said and like everybody else, I can not agrue more. Matt was those things. A great friend. A great bestfriend. And to me a big brother. I looked up to him so much. It fills my heart with warmth to see the things on here. I knew him for 2 years. His first friend when he moved up to GA. I will always remember the times I had with him. Everything bout him and his family will always be close in my heart.

Love Always,


07-11-06, 12:34 PM
I wanted to take the time to say thank you to all those who have cared about Matthew and who have honored him through this forum. We will be gathering at Matt's grave on the 19th. If anybody would like more info they can call me at 407-492-4049.

Susan Windham - Matt's Mom.

07-22-06, 12:09 PM
may matt rest in peice, semper fi

Stanley Hroszow
07-22-06, 01:53 PM
I did not ever meet Matt. I got here too late wish came sooner, I know I would have liked him, I know from what I red in the post that he and God plotted to get me to visit and join this site. If you want to see him again you have to do what he did, and get a free pass or ticket. do not understand talk to his family about this. do not lose out on seeing him in heaven please. also he did say good by before he left for heaven. he whispered in your ear.

07-22-06, 04:59 PM
Rest in peace and Semper Fi.

11-19-06, 07:17 PM
Hey Matt,

Haven't wrote in a while but you know I talk to you everyday. It has not gotten any easier for me and sometimes that worries me. God I miss you so much. I know you hate me being fat but I have been relying heavily on comfort food the last 16 months so I am not getting any smaller. I promise when I can I will work on it. I still hear you saying horse**** but you'll see. Watch out for me Matt. I need you more now than I ever have. I hope heaven is everything I imagined and that you are in a better place because lord knows I am not. I love you Matt. Always have, always will.


11-19-06, 09:45 PM
Sue I know what you mean about missing Matt but he is always with me as he is you. During the election and aftermath I was so aware of his presence and he wasent happy lol. Matt told me that if anything ever happened to him to not mourn him but to honor him, its hard but thats what I do. Matt is alive in our Corps and he always will be, thats how it is for Marines when their mission is completed. I have no fear that Matt is surrounded by brothers and is under the loving supervision of Chesty Puller and the Lord waiting to process those he loves aboard. God bless you Ma'am, know that there is a good reason that things are as they are. Your son continues to motivate all of us, especially those who have stepped forward to take his place on the line of freedom.

Semper Fidelis


11-19-06, 10:50 PM

Thanks for reminding me I am not alone in my sorrow. I too thought about Matt a lot during the election. I found some issues that were important to me and got educated on the candidates and made what I thought were the right choices. However, those that I was not familiar with I went with some odd ways of picking. I picked one guy because his name was Jason, like Matt's brother and I could almost feel Matt shaking his head. Luckily I think the guy was a republican so hopefully Matt accepted it. I hope and pray that I make Matt proud everyday and that he knows now as much as when he was alive that I love him.


03-20-07, 10:22 PM
Hey Matt,

Happy birthday buddy. I miss not spending your birthday with you. We went to your grave and then to Tijuana Flats. It was a sad day except for the memories we all shared of you. I ate my way through the day so as not to cry. But the eating is over now and the tears are flowing. I love you so much and I hate having to go to a gravesite to say happy birthday. I hope you are in a better place and at peace. Keep watching over us.


I love you, Always have always will.

07-19-07, 08:55 AM
Rest In Peace Matt. I wanted to Bump this for poolees to read!

10-19-07, 03:51 PM
Hi all. While doing a google search of my aunts phone number (long story) it took me to this thread on this site that I have never heard of. Needless to say I've been crying for the past hour or so reading all the great things you had to say about my cousin Matt over the past couple years. He would have made a damn good Marine! I must say it does make me giggle a little- though he was a die hard marine at heart and motivation to many of you and Bush's biggest supporter.. he'll always be my little goofy cousin that had his socks hanging half way off his feet always eating cereal =o) Not a day goes by that I don't think about him and reading this makes me miss him even more. It's amazing how many peoples lives he touched and changed and some of you never even met him. I know he helps my little brother (who is also a Marine in Bahrain right now) get by every day. Always keep him in your thoughts to get you through your day. He gets me through mine. Thank you all for your great comments.

Matt's Cousin- Orlando, FL

hector verduzco
10-26-07, 10:22 PM
I'm sorry to hear the tragic news for the first time, since I didn't have my computer working. My heart goes out to the family and other love ones. He did make the right choice of becoming a MARINE! . May the spit shine gates of haven let him in for he had a heart of a GENERAL.

10-31-07, 07:16 PM
Thank you very much for your kind words. I am sorry you had to learn this way. Unfortunately I did not know of everyone Matthew met in here or out there. Having those who care for Matthew keep talking about him helps me to keep going. Thanks again,

Matt's Mom

03-20-08, 07:17 AM
Happy Birthday Matt you are not forgotten pup. Please rest in peace and give my regards to Chesty. Until we meet up again.

Semper Fi


03-20-08, 08:05 AM
Jim, Thanks for remembering my Matthew on his 21st birthday. Please have a drink for him. We will be gathering at his grave today and I am getting ready now to leave for my alone time with him. I will give him your regards.


03-20-08, 09:23 AM
Thank you Susan I will certainly do that.


03-20-08, 10:50 AM

03-20-08, 12:26 PM
Still Remember The Chats We Had. God Bless Matt

03-20-08, 02:15 PM
Happy Birthday Bro!

I bet Chesty has him as a Cpl by now :beer:

03-20-08, 02:44 PM
You're never forgotten, Matt. Happy Birthday, and I'll tip one in your honor tonight.

03-20-08, 03:40 PM
Semper Fi Matt, Rest in Peace

Phantom Blooper
03-20-08, 04:18 PM
Happy Birthday Matt....Semper-Fi!




03-26-08, 03:46 AM
Happy Birthday Bro!

I bet Chesty has him as a Cpl by now :beer:
Whenever the earth shakes, and there's lightning in the sky...

Semper Fi Matt, and Rest in Peace Brother.:beer:

07-20-08, 03:03 PM
Never had the honor to meet you. Happy Birthday Matt.
Semper Fidelis Matt, Semper Fi!
God Bless You, and your Family.

07-20-08, 09:08 PM
Happy Birthday

07-20-16, 12:37 AM

Dammit, Matt. I never got to say goodbye....I thought this would get easier but it seems to be just as painful. I don't know if I'll ever get past this, I'm always a wreck on July 19th and your birthday. Not gonna lie, I'll always wonder how that quarterdeck proposal would have went that you promised me, guess I'll never know. You would have liked the man I married though, and our son Ty, though I debated on calling him Matt at one point...but it just seemed too painful. I miss you, always have. I never stopped thinking about you while in the corps, so many things you would have loved there. I guess you could say I have a normal life now, wish I could fill you in from the past 11 yrs but maybe next time.

Drinking one, or several, for you tonight.

Julia (your angel)

p.s. though the irony is not lost, I think you are my guardian angel now...