View Full Version : PLT 2026 - Last Man Standing?

10-30-02, 11:34 PM
As I am preparing to retire, I have searched for members of my platoon, Platoon 2026, MCRD San Diego, March 16 1982 – June 11 1982.

Is there anyone out there?

I searched the USMC LAN and only found one other person on active duty. My Series Commander – then a 1stLT is still in and is now a LtCol. I stopped in and saw him the other day, it was a real treat to be able to tell him I lied to him 20 years ago when I told him we were not being ‘thumped’ everyday. :devious:

Anyways, I think I am the ‘Last Man Standing’. If there is anyone else out there that remains, I would like to hear from you.

Some guys at work joke and say that I should go to MCRD and get the guidon, HA! :marine:

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Semper Fi,