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07-19-05, 06:21 AM
Marines Accused of Assault <br />
The East African Standard (Nairobi) <br />
NEWS <br />
July 19, 2005 <br />
Posted to the web July 18, 2005 <br />
By Standard <br />
Nairobi <br />
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Six US marines are accused of beating a Mombasa...

radio relay
07-19-05, 08:16 AM
Marines get into bar brawls all the time (or they did when I was in, anyway). I was in the middle of a few of them myself.

Just another attempt by the scumbag, leftwing, hate America media to discredit the American military.

I guess you can screw African children if you're in the French military stationed with the U.N., and nobody in the press gives a damn, but American Marines can't get into fights in bars.

I'd bet a dollar to a donut that the S.O.B. who got the crap kicked out of him had it coming, and probably was slurring those Marines personally, and the Corps in general

Joseph P Carey
07-19-05, 11:43 AM
I don't know! If any six Marines I knew of, when I was in, beat up a man, he would have more to complain of than a small cut lip! Either the Marines are not getting the same type of people, which I doubt, or there is something wrong with this 'one-sided' embellishment of a story!

07-19-05, 12:19 PM
Those are my exact thoughts... "beat by 6 Marines and only a cut lip" OOOooooo please LMAO, this is someones mind on drugs!.. I think I am down wind of someones PC, money hungry, P.O.S. lawyer.. I can smell the sh*t from here.

07-19-05, 01:08 PM
Tourism Boost As 300 US Marines Arrive
The Nation (Nairobi) July 8, 2005 (http://allafrica.com/stories/200507070955.html)
The first US navy ship to dock in Mombasa since 1999 arrived with more than 300 American sailors aboard.

The USS Gonzalez, a guided-missile destroyer, docked shortly after 9am on Wednesday.

The sailors who have been at sea for six months were received by US ambassador William Bellamy, Kenya Ports Authority managing director Brown Ondego, and several other dignitaries.

Tour firms, taxis, gift shops and entertainment spots that have been smarting from poor business as a result of the low season were expected to do roaring business.

Immediately after their arrival, the sailors were spotted shopping before embarking on a tour of the town.

Freely mingled

They freely mingled with revellers as they sampled Kenyan beer in several entertainment spots.

Curio dealers stationed outside the port's Berth Number One where the ship is docked said they recorded impressive sales.

"Since they arrived, I have sold a number of curios for between US$10 (Sh760) and US$200 (Sh15,200), and I expect to sell more before they leave," Mr Michael Kyalo, a curio trader said.

And Mr David Mwangi, a taxi driver, said he had taken more than 10 women to places patronised by the American sailors.

[story continues]

Local scam artists trying to milk it for all its worth. Relax, liberal America had nothing to do with it.