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07-14-05, 10:46 AM
July 14, 2005
Clinton Urges Inquiry Into Hidden Sex in Grand Theft Auto Game

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is calling on federal regulators to investigate the latest version of Grand Theft Auto, a popular video game series that allows players to go on simulated crime sprees.

In a letter she is sending Thursday to the Federal Trade Commission, Mrs. Clinton expressed concern over reports that anyone who used a free code downloaded over the Internet could unlock sexually graphic images hidden inside the game, called Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Mrs. Clinton asked the commission to determine "the source of this content," especially since the game can fall into the hands of young people. The game industry's self-policing unit, the Entertainment Software Rating Board, is investigating whether the maker of the game violated the industry rule requiring "full disclosure of pertinent content."

Mrs. Clinton also asked the commission to look into whether the industry erred in giving the game a rating of M, or mature, for players 17 years and older. National electronics store chains sell M-rated games but tend to avoid adult-only titles.

She asked the commission to determine whether retailers were adequately enforcing the ratings. Citing statistics released by the National Institute on Media and the Family, she said that 50 percent of boys between 7 and 14 were able to buy M-rated video games.

"Parents who rely on the ratings to make decisions to shield their children from influences that they believe could be harmful should be informed right away if the system is broken," she said.

Politically, Mrs. Clinton's decision to wade into the controversy over Grand Theft Auto is noteworthy. She singled out the game when many Democrats were trying to figure out ways their party can match Republicans on the issue of family values.

Rockstar Games, maker of the Grand Theft Auto video games, has noted that hackers - or independent programmers - created the program that allows players of the recent Grand Theft game to make its characters engage in sex. Rockstar, like many video game developers, usually encourages so-called mod amateur programmers who create modifications for popular games, which often give players access to special areas, missions or abilities.

The one involving Grand Theft Auto allows the game's male protagonist to have sex with the various girlfriends he meets in the game. The game's user must download the special program from the Internet.

Responding to Mrs. Clinton, Rodney Walker, a Rockstar spokesman, said, "We support any effort to empower parents to control what their kids consume, but we also want to strike a balance so that the average video game player, who is not a child, is able to continue to play the games that they enjoy."

Patricia Vance, president of the Entertainment Software Rating Board, defended the rating system. "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was rated Mature, for ages 17 and older, with five content descriptors: intense violence, blood and gore, strong sexual content, strong language and use of drugs," she said. "It's hard to call that inaccurate. It's been appropriately rated."

Seth Schiesel contributed reporting for this article.


What's under YOUR table Hillary?

Isn't there far more pressing issues to be tend to than worry about a game that is for mature adults...

07-14-05, 01:54 PM
It strikes me as rather amusing and hypocritical that whenever "conservative" voices call for moral reform and decry the evils of debauchery and atheism as harbingers of our destruction, their supporters applaud them, but when Hillary Clinton pushes for the exact same thing, it's written off by the same individuals as "overzealous" and "petty."

Which is it? Make up your minds!

Joseph P Carey
07-14-05, 05:45 PM

The fact is that she is speaking out both sides of her mouth on the issue is something to be considered. She would not have the hearings when it came to the content of killing in the game, but now, because of sex in the game, she feels she has a dog in the fight?

Nether one of the Clinton's has ownership in this fight, what with the President, Bill Clinton, and his Monica affair and countless other affairs, and Hillary with her Vince Foster Affair. Nether one of them should have picked up the shield in this matter as far as sex goes.

Hillary is looking for a middle of the road agenda to point to when the next election rolls around, but I am reminded I once had a friend that had a dog that bit him. My immediate suggestion to him was to get rid of the dog. But, he told me that the dog had been better lately, and has seemed to have changed his ways.

The last time I saw him, the dog had bitten his child!

Needless to say, the dog should have been put down when it bit him, and though dogs seem to change their ways, we must remember, it is just a dog that bites in the end!

Hillary is still the same old dog! She is only doing this for the spotlight.

07-15-05, 03:22 PM
Who better to identify sexcapades than the Clinton's?? They have a lot of experience in that venue. HAH!!!!!!

07-18-05, 02:47 PM
I forgot to add an observation on "Congress" to my previous comment, ergo -

"When they call the roll in the Senate, the senators do not know whether to answer 'present' or 'guilty'." --Theodore Roosevelt

Semper Fi

07-18-05, 07:07 PM
If anyone who has every played this game, should know that if you do pick up prostitutes in the game, or your girlfriends, all you see is the car that you are in bouncing up and down. There is no actual pornographic images. Why dosen't she comlpain about a game like Shellshock: Nam 67' ? Where after you shoot a bunch of VC in the most gory of ways, you can then buy mamasan's hookers inbetween missions? I hate politicians.

07-18-05, 07:25 PM
With all the hoopla currently flying around the Beltway, she picks up on video games. WTF?

Playing it safe will ensure that she stays a Senator and nothing more.

07-18-05, 11:51 PM
Watch yourselves gentlemen for some reason women of the United states seem to think its time to have a woman in the CICs chair and old hillary is the one they been talking about... Oh lord heaven forbid.. as all know women outnumber us men now..

07-19-05, 11:20 AM
If she is elected, I am just going to stay in Australia, and send my blues, medals, and eagle globe and anchor home to her.

07-19-05, 09:19 PM
Just a quick note; If anyone was around during the Peckerhead administration (PA), you would have noted that Hillary was running the country during those 8 wonderful, prosperous years just as she was the de-facto Gov. of Arkansas. Ol' Bubba was too busy running around with his chicken looking for little fat gals.

Now, given the Constitution prohibiting a person from serving more than two term, you would think the dowdy Supreme Court would deny her running in the next election (or any other for that matter)

In closing, I want everbody to reach in their pockets and pull out that national health care card that was to be paid for by the evil tobacco companies. Good luck.

Semper Fi

07-19-05, 11:11 PM
Hillary Clinton Draws Applause From Hispanics
Washington Post - Tuesday, July 19, 2005 (http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2005/07/18/AR2005071801530.html)
By Darryl Fears
Speaking on the grandest stage of the nation's largest Hispanic civil rights organization yesterday in Philadelphia, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) made no mention of presidential ambitions, but many said her message and delivery had the aura of a campaign speech...

Look out!

07-23-05, 11:22 AM

You must excuse me, I just can't let this latest bit of stupidity from the "Hill" alone. So without further ado I will beat this dead horse again.

Hillary has yet again provided fodder for all of the late night comedians and talk show hosts of all stripes. To wit; The proposed legislation (and waste of tax dollars) to regulate the video game Grand Theft Auto. Jay Leno, of the Tonight Show, summed it up very well "Grand Theft Auto depicts stealing cars and killing police officers, but don't you dare to mention sex."

Personally, the only information I have of the game has come from the national news media and the aforementioned talk shows. Based on this information, the object of the game is to steal one or more cars and go on a crime spree. The car theft can be accomplished in one or more of the accepted methods of stealing today (carjacking, hot wiring, etc.). The "player" then goes on a joyride that may include beating up prostitutes, robbing, stealing and general mayhem. The "player" must avoid getting killed during the escapade, this may involve "shootouts" with law enforcement and others. If the "player" is wounded or killed the game is over. This is my understanding of the game.

Now, along comes Hillary to "defend" the honor and un-warranted exploitation of women. What a load of C---; - Apparently she has never visited any of the skin shops surrounding the Capitol, nor has she visited the internet porn sites or read about or followed some of Bill's escapades. Maybe she has been on the mushroom farm to long.

So, to my mind, it IS OK to burn, pillage, rape and kill.



07-23-05, 11:41 AM
This really reminds me of that whole issue in the South Park movie. Kyle's mom, who was trying to get a show (Terrance and Phillip) kicked off the air said; "Deplorable violence on TV is ok, as long as no one says any dirty words." I just hope that the country realizes how much of a total nut-job this broad is, and decides not to elect her to another term as anything except waste disposal technician.

07-23-05, 01:03 PM
...and decides not to elect her to another term as anything except waste disposal technician.
Hey, there's a lot of Soft Money in the New York garbage business!

Joseph P Carey
07-23-05, 03:23 PM
Originally posted by yellowwing

Hey, there's a lot of Soft Money in the New York garbage business!


I see you set her up with an appropriate career move! But, unfortunately, there are more requirements on being a NYC Sanitation Worker than there are on being a US Senator from NY. Though she qualities to be a US Senator, much to my chagrin, she is not qualified to be a Union NYC Sanitation Worker, they have union standards that must be met! It kind of makes you wonder what kind of standards the US Senate has. ;-)

Durbin, Reid, Kennedy, Kerry, Boxer, ... etcetera!