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07-14-05, 06:40 AM
Psychopolitics, Joe Six-Pack, and the Crocodile <br />
Written by Linda Kimball <br />
Thursday, July 14, 2005 <br />
<br />
Not too many years ago, Americans had never heard of sensitivity training, and if a facilitator...

07-14-05, 07:34 AM
In a recent column entitled, “Pavlov’s Dogs versus the Spirit of Truth and Freedom,” I detailed how progressive (communist) homosexual operatives had successfully brainwashed a large percentage of Americans into accepting deviant sex as normal even though it has always, throughout history, been deemed socially destructive. In that article, I referred to brainwashing (psychopolitics) as “command and control” liberalism. The Communist Textbook of Psychopolitics...

Belief in the Christian-Judeo God, warns the psycho-textbook, leads men to engage in, “…brave deeds,” when obedience, apathy, submissiveness, and cowardice are the desired traits.

This is a joke right? Some sort of satire? This woman can't possibly be serious.

Joseph P Carey
07-14-05, 12:16 PM
Actually, I looked up the name, Linda Kimball, in a search engine, and she has quite a few articles on this matter, and she also is a quite educated being. If you want to 'pick and choose' from some of the things that she says, she is as lucid as many of the liberal articles written in her opposition. She feels that homosexuality, equated with Communism, is the root of the fall of the USA, like debauchery and self enrichment was for the Fall of the Roman Empire. She writes with an over stated passion on her subject, and she is a true zealot to her cause.

If you remove some of the zeal that she writes with, she does have a message, and she is not joking! She is a true believer! It is easy to ridicule the Zealot for their fervor and to push aside the message that is brought forth.