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07-06-05, 01:42 PM
07.05.2005 <br />
A General Discovers Candor Kills Career <br />
By Philip A. Quigley <br />
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Followers of SFTT have become accustomed to drama and of tales of woe and loss suffered by our troops serving in...

07-06-05, 03:17 PM
This is just outright wrong. Since when do we (the military), allow such drastic political manipulation of our own leadership by the civilian side of the fence, especially someone of such marginal military record as Donald Rumsfeld (LT, USN, 54-57) to the detriment of our ability to field an effective military force? ESPECIALLY at the general officer level?

It seems to me that when a general says "we need this in order to operate effectively," the correct response would be to make every reasonable accomodation to that request. Instead, now that Donald Rumsfeld is seeing himself proved wrong and inept time and time again, he'd rather take it out on us than move out of the way and let the job get done right.

On a related note, the July 4th Doonesbury was quite apt: