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10-28-02, 06:12 PM
I know I'm not ready for the Corps as I have to finish 2 more years of schooling and learn lessons both in and out of it. One thing I know though, is that the Marine Corps DOES have pride in itself. I see the recruiters who come to my school once a month and there is defiantly a difference!

The army doesn't even bother wearing their uniforms! Why? Because they have civilians recruit!!! The image that the army gives off is not one that I would want to associate myself with from what I've seen and heard.

The navy does wear their uniforms, but c'mon...they need haircuts and they have Dunlapís disease (their bellies dun lapped over their belts)! They have no since of pride in their service what so ever either.

The air force...oh boy...They look like the navy, only they have it worse! They have to stand up there and look stupid as everyone asks them about what they like about their service. One recruiter said, "We don't have to like our service, we just have to get up every day and come to schools." Can you believe that?!

Finally, the Marine Corps is everything good in one package. They have real haircuts! They are in shape! They are motivated about their Corps! These men who represent the Marines at my school do it well. They don't sit there in the chairs and wait for people to come to them like the other service reps who slouch; they get out and shake your hand.

The image that the Marine Corps gives off, and that essence of pride and brotherhood is what turns me on to it. I love it too when I'm at school in my JROTC classes. Today we were PTing for two hours and enjoying every ounce of pain that the Gunny was throwing at us. I was writhing in pain at one point where, after doing a lot of arm exercise, we were told to put our arms up straight on our sides, keeping them parallel with the ground. Gunny saw my face as I fought to keep my arms up for the duration of the drill and gave me a big smile as he said, "Seeley, you motivate me and everyone else here."

The feeling I get from even that little compliment is worth all the pain it comes from. I want to push myself as hard as I can and do my best at all times in all things. I want to learn to be the best. I want to be a United States Marine.

10-28-02, 08:16 PM

I think you should have an off-line chat with limitedliability. I think he could use your help, right about now.

I look forward to calling you Marine.

10-28-02, 09:43 PM
I do believe you got it Shawn.

Just remember along with all that pride to have respect for all your Brothers and Sisters whether they are from the other services or not.

You will make a fine Marine.

10-28-02, 09:59 PM
Thank you both :). I do my best to respect the other services and talk regularly to all the recruiters at my school. I try to find out as much as I can about each service as possible, because in reality they all work together to get the job done.

10-28-02, 11:26 PM

I just wanted to say you read my mind to a degree on why I want to be a Marine! I haven't seen it put in such good words before.

Thanks for posting what you did!

Good luck

10-29-02, 12:35 AM
Cynrose and Seeley, you two have been makin' some pretty good posts. Keep it up, but don't let it go to yer head! ;) There might be hope fer the future of my Marine Corps yet! LOL

10-30-02, 11:30 AM
Seeley and Cynrose,
I second that! You two have outlined many of my reasons for having a drive to want to earn the title.


11-11-02, 05:24 PM
Steely, I love that post. I never really realized how the Marine Corps recruiters shine above the rest until now.
You are absolutely right!
Good Luck!