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06-30-05, 08:49 PM
Vandals target Army Reserve Center
Anti-war diatribes painted on buidling
By Joel Doepker
Last Updated: Jun 30, 2005


Bay City (06/30/05)--Vandals have targeted a Bay City Army Reserve Center with anti-war graffiti.

The red, spray-painted, anti-war messages were found on the center located on Henry Street. The soldier we spoke with has been an active member of the United States Army for 21 years.

He's a man who put his life on the line for his country and he is upset about how anyone could consider him a killer.

The anti-war messages hit Sgt. Ronald Owens hard. He was wounded in Iraq last May when the Hummer he was riding in hit a landmine, severely injuring his leg.

He saw the graffiti Thursday morning when he came into work.

"It's ... it's shocking to me, and it really makes me angry, to be politically correct."

It's believed the anti-war graffiti was spray painted Wednesday night or early Thursday morning.

Owens says he thinks uninformed kids are the culprits, who don't understand the positive things the U.S. has done in Iraq.

"We are doing so much good for the Iraqi people," he said. "The amount of schools that we've built and reopened, the amount of electricity that the people of Iraq now have, their freedom that they now have."

Owens' wife Barbara is shaken and hurt by the images.

"There are men, husbands, fathers risking their lives in Iraq today from this unit," she said. "I don't know if anybody even stops to think what these family members feel like seeing things like this."

Bay City police have no suspects in mind, but they have supplied the center with chemicals to remove the graffiti.

Two local Army reserve units are based out of that center: the 980th Quartermaster and the 180th Transportation Company.

Those units have been in Iraq since last November and this January.