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06-30-05, 02:53 PM
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Fear, Frustration and Confusion: Welcome to Combat
In New Novel, Marines Battle Elements, Emotions, Each Other and the Enemy
Friday July 1, 2005, 2:56 am

ANNAPOLIS, Md., June 30, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- In Brooks Tucker's timely new novel, Breach (now available through AuthorHouse), Marine Lt. Grant Walker and his platoon must learn to trust one another and come together as a fighting team while enduring the hardships of life in the open desert, contending with a dearth of supplies and facing a crisis of confidence with their company commander.

Mere weeks after a Marine Corps unit arrives in the Arabian desert during Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm, a demoralized young officer commits suicide. Investigations into the death spark concern that the dead man was the target of a salacious rumor. To quell the controversy and re-instill discipline, a seasoned lieutenant with a checkered past is dispatched to lead the platoon. When he stumbles onto the likely cause of his predecessor's demise, Grant Walker must face the fragile and uncompromising relationship of trust between officers and enlisted men.

As the platoon battles sandstorms, chemical alerts, friendly fire and inadequate intelligence on its way to the Kuwaiti border, the Marines must also race against the clock to prepare for a low-tech battle to be waged on the ancient, unforgiving sands. With combat looming, Grant and his fellow officers discover their selfish and bungling captain is mistrusted by the rank and file. Fearing the worst if he remains in command, the junior officers attempt to have him removed. Their noble yet ill-conceived mutiny offers an unexpected chance to bind the unit together before they must face the enemy.

Tucker's timely novel examines the transition made by a group of Marines from eager warriors to frustrated veterans while shedding light on the unforgiving and compassionate personalities in a frontline unit. In addition, Breach trumpets the camaraderie and courage of the foot soldiers in a war dominated by "smart bombs" and ultimately reveals what Tucker calls "a disturbing legacy of America's first war in the Middle East."

Tucker served as an infantry platoon commander in the 2nd Marine Division and is a combat veteran of the Persian Gulf War. He was born in Saudi Arabia in 1965, the son of an expatriate American oil worker. A graduate of the University of Maryland, Tucker holds a bachelor's degree in English. He works in the private wealth management division of a Wall Street investment firm and is a director on the board of the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation. Tucker is a Major in the Marine Corps Reserve and lives in Annapolis, Md., with his wife and two children.