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06-29-05, 06:23 PM
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Help Needed To Protect Dead Soldier's Family...
From Freaks During His Funeral
multiple, Bos Herald, WCVB, St. Pete Times, | MB-26
Posted on 06/29/2005

This is a vanity post, but trust me, a well sourced one. (I'm an old network newsie and have about 8 more good sources on this than Rather had for his typeface fiasco.)

Here are the details:

A Special Forces SGT E-5, James Stewart, will be buried in St. Petersburg, Florida on July 4, 2005. It's wholly appropriate that he be buried on our nation's birthday, because Sergeant Stewart gave his life for our country.... and all of us.

He was killed in Iraq by a roadside bomb, call an IED in MilSpeak. IED is short for "Improvised Explosive Device." It can be an old artillery shell wired to an electric blasting cap or just some explosives and a few pounds of rusty nails for shrapnel. They are nasty, and they are killing our men and women in Iraq.

His family has had time to get ready for the trauma of his funeral, but there is no way they can be ready for the latest insult to both his memory and all that is civilized.

A Topeka, Kansas freak has announced plans to disrupt the burial with chants, bull horns and signs that read, "Thank God for IEDs" "God Hates America," "This Soldier Is In Hell," and "God Wanted This Soldier Dead."

This is not a sick joke. The following is exurpted from a story on WCVB in Boston:

"A Marblehead soldier who was killed in Afghanistan is scheduled to be laid to rest, but a group from Kansas is expected to try to disrupt the services and police are on alert for any problems. Staff Sgt. Christoper Piper, 43, served in both Afghanistan and Iraq and was awarded a bronze star for his combat service."

"(The protesters) claim U.S. soldiers like Piper are dying because the country is being punished for its tolerance of what they see as immoral behavior, such as homosexuality. The group protested several weeks ago in Dracut and Lexington, Mass., carrying signs depicting homosexual sex, handing our leaflets with the message "Thank God for IEDs"

One little girl wrote them (the "protesters") regarding the pain they caused another dead soldier's family.

The protesters wrote back "We serve God; not your vulgar dumb ass. So we don't care less what you think. We have one goal: publish. We've accomplished that goal with you. Have a nice day" (end of letter)

I would name names of these bastards and link to pictures of their vile signs, but JimRob doesn;t want it on FR. I agree with his position. Trust me, they are beyond belief.

These creeps are "protesting" at Sgt. Stewart's funeral at the Park Street Baptist Church, 3901 Park Street North (Park and 39th Ave North, about a mile south of Tyrone Mall) at 11:00 AM on Monday the 4th.

Since they want publicity, they will be there early for the cameras.

There will only be a few of them (they usually fly in from Kansas, but be on the lookout for vehicles with Kansas license plates.)

At some of their prior sick protests, vets and others were able to "convince" the sickos to vacate the area before the family arrived. This is not a call for violence, but I'm sure many of us can be very convincing when we see signs like these.

If any of us really give a damn about the men and women currently serving in harm's way, then this is the least we can do to support them and their families.

Sgt. Stewart volunteered to pay the ultimate price for our freedom. What are we willing to do for him?