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06-29-05, 11:46 AM
A Legal System Only A Mother Could Love
June 20, 2005
by Burt Prelutsky

I think I understand the reason that so many politicians are reluctant to take a tough stand against the illegal aliens pouring in from Mexico. Itís partly pandering for votes, partly providing corporate America with cheap labor, and partly a natural reluctance to be branded as racists by the liberal media, Latino leaders on the make, and the moral cretins in the ACLU.

I donít like it, but at least I can understand the tawdry motives. However, when it comes to our legal system, I am totally at a loss. More often than not, I feel as if Iíve fallen down the same rabbit hole as Alice, and found myself lost in Lewis Carrollís Wonderland.

Why, for instance, do we go so far out of our way to protect criminals? Itís as if weíre playing a game and all the rules are in their favor. For instance, why should a cop making an arrest have to pause to read the perp his rights? Why shouldnít jurors be made aware of the defendantís criminal history? Why should a copís honest mistake work to the felonís advantage? One final question: When is a bloody axe not a murder weapon? Easy answer: When itís spotted in the back seat of a car thatís been stopped because of a malfunctioning brake light, and not because the driver was suspected of whacking off his wifeís head.

The liberals would have us believe that all of these so-called safeguards serve to protect us all from police malfeasance, but most of us, I dare say, would prefer to take our chances with the cops and be protected from the madman with the axe. I realize that not everybody is as fond of capital punishment as I am, but why is it that rapists and pedophiles arenít at least locked up for life? The rate of recidivism among those two groups is staggering, but we continue meting out sentences that are the equivalent of wrist slaps, guaranteeing that our women and children will be preyed upon by the same creeps in the future. We talk about a pedophile whoís served a five year sentence as having paid his debt to society. Bull. Even if he were drawn and quartered, he wouldnít have begun to pay.

We pretend that registering these perverts is a deterrent and that our kids are safe if we order the monsters to stay a hundred yards away from parks and playgrounds when any sane person knows that an adult who canít be trusted within a hundred yards of a four-year-old should be locked away in a dungeon and gnawed on by rats. Or at least be forced to watch ďFear FactorĒ and re-runs of ďMy Mother the CarĒ for the next fifty or sixty years.

The only message we send when we allow those without souls to walk free is that we care more about them than we do about their innocent and inevitable victims. What is especially disgusting is that for each one of them, there are scores of lawyers eager to defend their right to walk amongst us. Why is it we donít register these members of the bar as sex offenders? After all, they aide and abet. I have always wondered how they feel when at the end of the day they go home to their own children.

Before you rush forward to defend this cockeyed legal system, allow me to conclude with yet another example of this lunacy. Mark Hacking, who garnered headlines when he killed his young wife, Lori, and deposited her body at the Salt Lake City dump, was recently found guilty. His sentence was six years to life. I ask you, what kind of sentence is that? He gets six years for murder, with maybe time off for good behavior, but if he doesnít make his bed or eat his vegetables, he could rot in jail?!

Burt Prelutsky