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06-27-05, 07:33 AM
You, Senator Durbin, are an embarrassment to the United States of America. You are an embarrassment to the Congress of the United States, and furthermore, you are a total embarrassment to the Democratic Party. It is obvious to most of us that you are an anti-American type person with the same low-life values as Hanoi Jane Fonda, Tom Hayden, Hanoi John Kerry, George Soros, and all the rest of the Anti-American, left-wing, hate-America-first crowd. You are doing your very best to drag this country down to your level of hate for our country. You and your ilk do it on an almost daily basis. My God, you don't even try to camouflage it any more from we real Democrat's and we real Republicans. You are a despicable human being, sir, at best. Your comments have put many thousands of our patriotic, heroic, brave combat troops (that are already positioned in harms way) into an even worse position by your seditious, maybe even treasonous comments. Have you no values? No shame? No honor? You are no better, sir, than Hanoi John Kerry. I hate to even try to imagine how many servicemen's lives he cost us in Vietnam, not to even mention the POW's that are still there (or that have died and/or that have been murdered since we, America, our CONGRESS, deserted them in Vietnam in 1973).

I belong to a group of former active duty Marines and Navy FMF Corpsmen. We go by the name of "The FOOOPM's." We are the elite, the proud, the gung-ho Fraternal Order Of Olde Pharte Marines. We are Democrats, we are Republicans. We have been kicking around what a total piece of horrible garbage YOU are - over the last few days. Here is what I sent out to the FOOOPM's this morning, one of many like minded comments going back-and-forth between us:

In my humble opinion this left-wing zealot, spewing his venom as he did, has everything to do with "pushing the envelope," to see how much "they" can get away with. It is a way of keeping an issue alive and on the skyline in an effort to undermine President Bush in whatever manner they can come up with. Tell a lie often enough and the bleating sheep at your feet will accept it as the truth. It is a despicable tactic, at best, and/or an act of treason or provable "sedition" (everyone in America with a TV set that watches Fox Cable News Channel are witness to his remarks) at worst. By allowing them to get away with this - they will return with an even bigger envelope of lies the next time. And there will be a next time very, very soon. One attack, after another, after another. That is the way it works.
Just consider Hillary's screeching remarks about ".... it is 'patriotic' to protest against our government, don't try to tell us we are not patriotic Americans ........," etc, etc. Total 100% unadulterated bull****. To cut down the president of the United States of America, no matter what party he may belong to, during a period when America's armed forces are engaged in a war (or even a small show of force type skirmish) is an act of treason!
Just my two cents worth.

And there you have it, Senator Durbin, sir. That was my "two cents" worth of diatribe to all my former active-duty Marine Corps and Navy FMF Corpsmen buddies in The FOOOPM's.

There are about a thousand more things I would like to say to you, Senator Durbin, sir, but, I think I would most likely lose control at some point in time there, and, please believe me, sir, I don't want to go down in history as a person that would - or could - totally "lose it," like YOU did. If the members of the Congress of the United States of America had any guts at all they would impeach you in a heartbeat, like they tried to do to President Nixon (except that he had the class to step down on his own), and like they did do to President Clinton.

I served three tours of duty in South Vietnam fighting for that countries freedom. I did it for their country. I did it for Southeast Asia. I did it for our country. I did it for our way of life. For freedom. For democracy. I served in helicopters with the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing during my first two tours of duty in South Vietnam and on my third tour of duty I served on the ground in the jungle as a platoon sergeant of gung-ho Marines in the bush. I managed to get hit three times over there, Senator. One serious wound that required treatment at a medical facility, and for which I received a Purple Heart Medal, and two or three "band-aid" type wounds (just like all three of Hanoi John's wounds, except that I did NOT accept the Purple Heart awards for MY band-aid type wounds). My point here, Senator, is that I really, honest to God The Almighty, dislike the notion that I fought for YOU while I was spilling my blood over there. YOU! To allow YOU and your type the opportunity, the freedom, the right to cut down America's armed forces like you have recently done. You make me feel unclean. You make me feel used. Every veteran of every war we have ever fought in probably feels that way about you right now. Your lack of compassion. Your act of cowardice in the face of the enemy.

I just wish there were more that I could do against people like you. The sad thing, the truth of the matter, is that America is being duped by your "progressive" (I understand we are not supposed to call you communists anymore, for whatever the reason) left-wing movement more and more every single day of our lives and America is not paying attention to what you are doing and saying. The citizens of America are more in tune with reality shows, Oprah, and your co-conspirators, the elite media, and that is very unfortunate for this country. Instead of helping to try and expose you by telling the truth on any given matter, many of them actually applaud your actions. They actually applaud you and your co-hort's disservice to our country.

You know what, Senator? I don't doubt for a second that you and your compatriots will win the battle someday. America doesn't have the guts to expose you for what you are. America doesn't have the intestinal fortitude to try to eliminate you and your kind from our midst, just as long as you are not bothering them, personally. But, what the heck, I'm preaching to the choir here. You already know all that, don't you? I just don't want it to happen during MY lifetime. That's OK, I guess. I don't have that many more years left, anyway. But, I do feel very sorry for the next couple of generations of Americans. You know exactly what I mean don't you, Senator? I don't want to be around to hear you people start calling each other "COMRADE."

radio relay
06-27-05, 08:37 AM
Hope the scum bag reads it... but wouldn't be holding my breath!

Keep giving them hell, Marine!

Ed Palmer
06-27-05, 08:47 AM
Friday, June 24. 2005
Baghdad Statue Honors U.S. Military
My nephew Kevin is visiting from Ft. Hood in Texas. He just returned in March from duty with the U.S. Army Fifth Brigade First Cavalry Division in South Baghdad.

He mentioned casually in just the first few minutes of our conversation over dinner a number of news items about his experience in Iraq that--gasp!--I had never heard, read, or seen, not only in the OMSM (once mainstream media), but anywhere, as far as I can recall.

This is one of them:

Remember the statue of Saddam Hussein that was torn down by jubilant Iraqis on the occasion of Baghdad's liberation?

Well, according to Kevin, this statue has since been erected (reportedly made partly with portions of the previous statue) by an Iraqi, to pay tribute to the U.S. military.


Is it just me? Am I the only one who hasn't heard that highly newsworthy story coming out of Baghdad? Did I just happen to miss the live television reports of its dedication? Was I out of the country when Time, Newsweek, and other newsmags featured it on the cover? Have I just had my head in the ground? Has anyone out there heard this intriguing human interest story?

I doubt it. Another of Kevin's observations was that, in all his time in South Baghdad, his commanding officer had a standing policy. Every reporter, of course, wanted to get inside Sadr City, the virulently anti-American Baghdad slum. The CO offered any reporter who would first go to South Baghdad and witness there the reconstruction efforts could himself or herself get an escort into Sadr City. Very few took him up on that offer.

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