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06-27-05, 06:01 AM
10 Things I'd Do If I Were The Commander-In-Chief
Written by Edward L. Daley
Monday, June 27, 2005

If I became the President of the United States tomorrow, the first thing I'd do is hold a press conference and condemn the actions of the Republican "moderates" who sold out their constituents during the recent filibuster fight in the Senate. I'd call them cowards for not supporting those outstanding judicial nominees who've been constantly denigrated by liberals over the past two years, and leave no doubt in anyone's mind that I was NOT concerned with my party, but with the moral and ethical foundation upon which conservatism is built.

The second thing I'd do is denounce the Supreme Court as an increasingly fascistic entity, which has, time and again, overstepped its authority as a co-equal branch of the U.S government, and then Id quote Justice Scalia's various reproaches of that body's more contemptible decisions in defense of my position.

The third thing I'd do is call upon all Americans to bring pressure to bear on their representatives in Congress, to create a law that bans all terrorist suspects from using civilian courts to challenge the decisions of the Executive branch of government with respect to their internment.

The fourth thing I'd do is demand that Congress immediately devote the majority of its time, during the next full sessions of the Senate and the House, to extensive debate on the issues of reducing healthcare costs to all American citizens, and the reformation of our failing Social Security system.

The fifth thing I'd do is declare the government of Mexico a hostile regime, and break off all economic ties with it until Vicente Fox agrees to put his troops on the U.S./Mexican border, and stop the flow of illegal immigration into this country from his. In the meantime, I would place National Guard units on both the southern and northern borders for an indefinite period of time.

The sixth thing I'd do is launch a full-scale investigation into the activities of the ACLU, and do everything in my power to see that the communist sympathizers who run it are, at the very least, exposed for the terrorist-supporting parasites that they've become.

The seventh thing I'd do is declare Ground Zero in Manhattan a federal landmark, and propose that a memorial in the form of two functional office towers of at least 120 stories each be erected on that site within the next 5 years.

The eighth thing I'd do is submit to Congress a formal declaration of war against the nation of Iran, for harboring Al-Qaeda operatives, and openly supporting the terrorist insurgency in Iraq.

The ninth thing I'd do is address the United Nations Security Council, and give that body an ultimatum, to either unanimously support America's war against terrorists, and the nations which support them, or consider itself a non-entity in the eyes of the United States.

The tenth thing I'd do is announce that from here on out, all American soldiers will be required to dip their ammunition in pork blood, whenever possible, before engaging the enemy in Iraq, Afghanistan, or any future theater of battle, guaranteeing that all terrorists will be damned to hell (at least in their minds) if they should succumb to American bullet wounds.

Of course, I'm not so foolish as to believe that I'd actually get away with some of these things, without calls for my impeachment and God only knows what all, emanating throughout the corridors of power in D.C., as well as the entire international left-wing media complex. Still, at least for a while, Americans would know they had a president who wasn't just going to sit on his backside and take crap from any foreign entity, or the hate-America left here at home.

Sure, I'd be compared to Hitler and every other tyrant known to humankind, and people like Chucky Schumer would have a field day ripping me a knew one at every turn, but so what? Isn't that what liberals have been doing to George W. Bush since the first day he took office? I say, if they're going to whine incessantly about conservatives anyway, we may as well give them something substantial to complain about!

Maybe I wouldn't last long as president, but at least no one would be able to say that I was more concerned with getting reelected than sticking up for the things I believe in. And there isn't a true conservative out there wouldn't enjoy watching lunatic leftists the world over finally lose their minds completely.


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Excellant i like your thinking.

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You have my vote!

Semper FI

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You don't have to think like a conservative to agree with the list ....do ya?:)

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Get to running and GET HER DONE...

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10 Things i would do if prez??

1. Fire Rumsfields butt in New York Minute

2. Tell the Oil people where not buying anymore 60.00 barrel of oil and offer 10.00 a barrel and if they dont like it sell it some where else.

3. Call the congress together and tell them from Now on were going to look out for the people of the United states first before we help anyone else. Also that if any congress member does not agree with taking care of the american people First he or she will be replaced.

4. Health care and Social Security would be the first thing fixed for all american people.

5. ACLU would be disbanded and branded as thugs as we all know ACLU lawyers are only lawyers that cant make it out here in the real world.

6. The Mexican border would be sealed and manned by our Military no one gets in or out with out proper papers do so.

7. No more school visas or work permits would be allowed for other countries.

8. All 18 year old men and women would be required to join the military of there choice including homeland security for a period of 2 years before entering any college. No exceptions to whos kid you are..

9. No more homeless veterans would be allowed on the streets of America and all VA Hospitals would be top notch hospitals for all veterans. No copays all meds are free to the Veteran.

10. No women in combat what so ever

Ed Palmer
06-27-05, 03:10 PM
Originally posted by hrscowboy
10 Things i would do if prez??

1. Fire Rumsfields butt in New York Minute

2. Tell the Oil people where not buying anymore 60.00 barrel of oil and offer 10.00 a barrel and if they dont like it sell it some where else.

10. No women in combat what so ever

Hey Cowboy just how often do you have this type of wet dream?
alltho it does sound good

06-27-05, 04:24 PM
hahahahaha well brother i have no idea how i would get it done but it was worth a shot...

Don Faria
06-27-05, 06:00 PM
No. 11 - Get the hell out of the U.N.

06-27-05, 09:41 PM
yep i forgot that one too..

06-28-05, 08:22 AM
I think we need to send that list to President Bush. His Administration if floundering and hopefully he will let us know his plans in his speech tonight.

It would be GREAT is we had a President who would implement all the items in that list. The world would think the good ole U. S. of A. finallly got their nuts back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!