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06-27-05, 05:55 AM
Terrorism Is Not Jihad
by Alamin Muhammad

The word "Terrorism" according to the dictionary means: the use of terror and intimidation to gain one's political objectives. To say that "Terrorism is "Jihad" is like saying peaceful war, because peace and war are opposites of each other, just as "Terrorism" is the opposite of" Jihad".

"Terrorism" has unfairly been designated as a function of Islam. We're fed a steady diet of "Islamic Terrorist", "Muslim Terrorist", "Muslim Fundamentalist" and "Islamic Jihad". This labeling creates in millions of peoples minds the perception that Islam creates "Terrorist" or promotes "Terrorism".

Let's take a short look at the history of "Terrorism":

Dagger men, the hardcore Jewish zealots were called "Sicarii", from the Latin word for dagger. These "Terrorists" opposed the Roman rule of Judea in the years preceding the leveling of of the Jewish Temple and the destruction of Jerusalem in 70a.d. Among other violent acts designed to spur the popular war of independence that begin in 66a.d., they murdered Roman Officials and high ranking Jews they considered enemies to the fight to liberate the Jewish people.

The Assassins of the 11 th century, murdering prominent enemies was considered a religious duty of this Islamic sect. From it's stronghold in Syria and Iran, the group terrorized the Middle East.

In 1773, "Terror and Tea: The dumping of tea into Boston harbor by colonists in American Indian costumes to protest British tax policy. If it were repeated today, the act would fall within the FBI's definition of "Terrorism" which includes property destruction as a means of political coercion.

1881: Radicals in Russia assassinate Tsar Alexander II after failing to start a peasant uprising in opposition to the monarchy.

1914: Some of the national groups encompassed by the Austro-Hungarian Empire, resented their sub-service to the Austrian monarchy. A radical Serbian Nationalist shot Archduke Ferdinand of Austria, sparking WW II. Source: National Geographic November 2004.

As we can see "Terrorism" has been used by many political and religious groups, not only by Muslims.

The religion of Islam doesn't condone or promote "Terrorism". Prophet Muhammad (saw), through the revelations of the Quran and the Hadith (what he did, said and approved of), made it clear what the rules of war were. When Muslim are engaged in war, they are not to kill old people, women, children, animals, cut down trees or destroy crops. The Quran also states that a Muslim is not to kill himself (cht.4:29) or kill another Muslim Except by accident( cht.4:92). It would be impossible to misinterpret these verses and try to justify suicide bombings, because you would be violating the commands of both the Quran and the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (saw).

Author's note

The term (saw) is an abbreviation for “The peace and blessings of Allah be upon him” which is to be used whenever the Prophet's name is invoked.

Sometimes individuals call for "Jihad" against the West. 1st in order to call for a "Jihad", the Muslim country must be under attack or an enemy is preparing to attack. 2nd the one calling for the "Jihad" must be the ruler of that Muslim country. If he isn't the ruler of that country, he can't call for "Jihad". So, if an Emam, Sheikh, or a Mullah to calls for "Jihad", is like the mayor of any U.S. city declaring war on another country.

The word ."Jihad" by definition doesn't mean war or killing. The Arabic word for war is "Haraba" . The Arabic word for kill is "Qatala".

"Jihad" Means to struggle against difficulty with all your might. The biggest" Jihad" according to Prophet Muhammad( saw), is against your base desires to make them conform to G-d's will, not killing another man.

"Jihad" is therefore far from being synonymous with war or killing. Fighting in defense of one's faith received the name "Jihad", because under some circumstances it became necessary for the truth to live and prosper, if fighting had not been permitted, truth would've been uprooted. The next greatest "Jihad" that must be carried out by every Muslim is to explain the Quran to all of mankind( cht.25 :52). Source: Dictionary of Quran by Abdul Mannan Omar.

Western writers say that Islam has been hijacked by the "Terrorists. The few U.S. trained individuals, who claim to be Muslim, represent Islam about as much as the KKK represented Christianity. In reality it's the West that has hijacked Islam by labeling the entire religion "Terrorist". This inflammatory language hijacks the real meaning and perception of Islam. In his book "don't think of an elephant" author George Lakoff warns how language is used to frame the issues, values and the perceptions for the masses.

Hijack means to steal something in transit(moving or rising). So, what's being implied by saying that Islam has been hijacked? Author Pat Buchanan in his book" The Death of the West" in chapter five says" The signs are everywhere that Islam is rising again". So, by saying that the "Terrorist" have hijacked Islam is really saying what the West intends to do. How? The hijacking of Islam means that the West intends to disfigure their governments by making them all Turkeys. What's a turkey? A secular government head with a Muslim body(population). Remember what the Bible says: Let us make man in our image. This is what the West intends to do in the Middle East. So, even if Islam rises again, it will be in our image – democracy.

We live in a cause and effect world, we keep talking about the effect, "Terrorism" and never address the cause. What is the cause of "Terrorism"? Fifty years of bad foreign policy. Fifty years of supporting criminal governments who oppressed their Muslim populations with Western military support. These despots were supported as long as they supported Western economic policies. Then, when Western policy changes, the same one who is responsible for the oppression in Muslim countries, comes as the liberator. Does he really come to liberate Muslims? No, he's just changing the head again.

The meaning of Islam is to adopt the lifestyle given to us by G-d, thereby becoming at peace with yourself and your fellow human beings. So, the next time you hear the word "Terrorist" don't associate it with Islam. A "Terrorist" is just a misguided individual who will use any means to carry out his political ambitions. "Jihad" has nothing to do with "Terrorism". When you hear the word "Jihad", remember it means to struggle to better one's self spiritually and physically and to be of service to mankind.

Alamin Muhammad