View Full Version : Anybody remember the Schu or Shoe mine?

10-28-02, 01:49 AM
A grunt worst nightmare?
Up north we found a cave full of those nasty things.
We blew those in place.
Thanks God,
Better that than find them the hard way.
It was a blast type anti-personal mine.
Made of two wood frames with a mouse hole for the fuse.
Had two small towels to hold up the upper frame that hinged.
The person stepping on the lid would set off the pull type fuse.
Been looking for some pics of those nasty things.
Haven't found any as of today.
But they were there and they were used against us by our enemies.

10-28-02, 01:59 AM

Here's an Army article from 1968. Describes a couple of those homemade mines.

10-28-02, 02:11 AM

Here's the other page fer that one under booby traps. This might be what yer lookin for.

5th Battalion Contents Page

It mentions a "Horseshoe Minefield"