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06-24-05, 08:18 AM
The other day I was shocked as all get out to get a reply to an e-mail that I had sent to the 26th MEU/USS Kearsarge thanking those who facilitated the opportunity for both Sailors and Marines to be able to call home in, on, or around the Father's Day weekend. I mentioned that my Marine son had called twice but that sadly I was away from the house (and no, I do not have a cellular telephone:D ) and could not receive the call in person. I also asked if they could somehow pass the word to my son that I really appreciated his efforts to get in touch with me. Well, son of a gun if the Public Affairs Officer didn't pass on my short letter with accompanying cartoons to the Sergeant Major and then the Sergeant Major responded by ensuring that the"young Marine" would receive a copy not only of the e-mail I sent but also the cartoons that I attached with the short letter. It was getting a letter from a Supreme Being. How often does something like this happen? I tell you I damned near pizzed my pants. I'm still floating. I can rest easy now knowing that my son knows that I applauded his efforts. What a trip.
Just wanted to pass on some good news.

As a curiousity side note: I wonder how he got the word? Can you imagine being beckoned by the Sergeant Major?

06-24-05, 09:19 AM
If your son's calibre is as indicated and what I have seen the Sgt Maj calling him probably wasn't a problem for your son. Gary, I am glad that you could make some kind of contact even though it was third party plus.


06-24-05, 03:59 PM
Hey Gary I bet you wish you had a cell now dont you. lol When I was in Nam I called home from the USO in Danang and the call was patched through a ham radio operators home in Arizona. That ham operator was Senator Barry Goldwater who then patched it through the land line to my folks house. Wow my Dad stills thinks I had incredible pull to this day.