View Full Version : These are Radical Acult, "IDIOTS.'

06-22-05, 01:01 PM
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I don't know who this "so called Prophet is." "But, HE NEEDS A BIG CAN OF WHOOP ASS!!!" And anyone who would protest a military man/woman who died, for any reason, should be tried for "treason" and "HUNG" in "PUBLIC!!!!"
I know many "Baptist." Shoot, there's a Baptist Church every block.
And I know these folks, except maybe this one new one, don't condone such action.
It's a total disgrace. And this, "he's here to condemn?" Bull****.
He's out of his gord. He's an "ACULT" leader, who professes and "STUPID IGNORANT" people just lookin' for a reason to do something, are making complete "ASSES" of themselves.
I'd like to see a "ROLLING THUNDER" ride to Topeka, and then see what these "RADICAL IDIOT'S" do!!!
Oh, yea, hide behind, "FREEDOM OF SPEECH." That's great that we do have this. But when misguided? It's a travesty.
Not only to the one being laid to rest, but the family.
If I were one of the family? I'd put my Son/Daughter/Friend in another place, where these stupid asses cain't find.
Yes, this makes me sick. And our Elected official's in Washington are afraid to do something about it. They ain't no different than these "idiot's." "How 'bout it McCain?" Where are you?" "Why don't he do something?"
May perpetual light shine upon them, and may they rest in peace, now in God's hands. Semper-Fi

Joseph P Carey
06-22-05, 01:34 PM

I imagine by your words that you mean the man that is going to protest the funerals of servicemen and women that are killed in combat. I also can not imagine a person going to one of these funerals that is a friend of the person being interned to the grave, not striking out at the group, men, women, and children that have come to disgrace the being of the person being put in the ground. I can also not imagine any judge that would be willing to sentence any person, friend of the interned being, for a 'Tempory' insane moment, and if there is one, what difference would it make? Without pain and suffering these people will go on, and with pain and suffering their number will dimminish. It is as easy as that.

06-23-05, 11:04 AM
Yes Sir: I agree. I just want this "IDIOT GOOF BALL AND WIFE" SOMEHOW "STOPPED." I can not fathom their reasoning. Yes, I want our people out of their. Will this Jack off and his follower's, go to where, the men/women are coming back?
I'm sick n tired of Jerks like him. Another "KERRY" But hides behind the "FREEDOM OF SPEACH." "WHAT A "COWARD."
I hope and pray to my "GOD" that he will enlighten these people's minds, and I hope you're right, "IT'S A TEMPORY"
"THANG." May perpetual light shine on those who's live's were lost.""And May my 'God, grant them peace." "Also this goes out to all the families, not just "MARINES."