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06-22-05, 05:56 AM
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Hubby: It was my wife's fault I tried to have her killed
By J.M. Lawrence
Wednesday, June 22, 2005

A former Marine convicted of trying to contract his wife's murder says he deserves a light sentence because she squandered his money and wouldn't give him sex, dinner or clean laundry.

``Like an ivory tower princess, her delusional attitude seemed to be that it was my duty, my obligation, my purpose, alone, to work off these debts she created,'' Harold Stonier said in a 50-page filing in federal court in Boston, seeking leniency as he awaits sentencing.

Stonier, who was caught on tape plotting various scenarios for his wife's murder, called her a ``spiteful, conniving, vengeful lunatic who creates her own distortion of reality.'' He claimed his wife deprived him of basic comforts such as laundry and marital intimacy, ignored his demands to prepare weekly menus for his approval, and played the TV loud in their bedroom at night, forcing him to watch the women-oriented ``Oxygen Channel.''

Prosecutors asked the court to give the former General Dynamics engineer 15 years in prison at sentencing next month for twice trying to have Jamie Stonier killed. Assistant U.S. Attorney Brian Kelly said Stonier's ``angry diatribe'' shows he has no remorse and ``continues to be a serious threat to the community in general and to his wife in particular.''

In his bid for leniency, Stonier, 45, also cited his 22 years in the military and his work record, including managing a $10 million General Dynamics project in Qatar: ``Such ambition, drive, and dedication epitomize the American work ethic and reflect an extraordinary employment history.''

His family and friends filed letters blaming his crimes on a lapse in judgment under the stress of a crumbling second marriage and fear of losing custody of his 5-year-old son. Sentencing is set for July 6.


"...forcing him to watch the women-oriented ``Oxygen Channel.''

Not even some mad regime would subject people to such torture

Why is it that the press loves to put any military background in these articles as if it were relevant?