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06-21-05, 06:03 AM
Coleman completes tour as 2d FSSG commanding general
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Story by Cpl. C. J. Yard

CAMP TAQADDUM, Iraq (June 19, 2005) -- Brigadier Gen. Ronald S. Coleman relinquished command of 2d Force Service Support Group to Brig. Gen. John E. Wissler in a ceremony here June 19.

Coleman, who commanded the Marines and Sailors of 2d FSSG for two years, deploying with them to Camp Fox, Kuwait, and Haiti, will now assume duties as the Deputy Director of Manpower and Reserve Affairs for the Marine Corps.

“This has been the greatest two years of my career,” said Coleman, a Darby, Pa., native. “Having taken command in Iraq almost two years ago to the day, coming here and relinquishing command to Brigadier General Wissler has even more meaning. I couldn’t ask for anyone else to whom I’d rather give command of these awesome Marines and Sailors. I’ve watched Brigadier General Wissler lead, and it is extremely easy for me to turnover this command to him.”

Coleman also had praise for the Marines and Sailors who served under him during his time as the commanding general.

“At home and abroad you have done everything you have been asked to do,” said Coleman. “You have accomplished great things and I know you will continue to do so. If there is any person set up for success better than me, I don’t know who it would be.”

Lieutenant Gen. James F. Amos, commanding general of II Marine Expeditionary Force, was on hand to speak about the generals.

“If a measure of a man is by the number of people who call him a friend or come up to him to shake his hand, General Coleman is among the richest men I know,” said Amos. “I do not know of another man who is better thought of than Ron Coleman.”

“Ron, you’ve done a great job leading these Marines,” said Amos. “If anyone thinks it was an easy decision for Brigadier General Ron Coleman to let his Marines come out here without him; it wasn’t. But knowing they were coming over here with Brigadier General Wissler made it easier for him. He came out here to do this change of command because he understands the sacrifice, and as a true leader, wanted to share his day with those making the most sacrifice.”

“I know that Brigadier General Wissler will continue doing an outstanding job leading these Marines,” continued Amos. “He has worked under Brigadier General Coleman as a battalion commander and I saw him in action. He was an obvious choice for the job.”

Wissler, who was formerly the commanding officer for 2d Transportation Support Battalion and 2d FSSG (Forward) under Coleman, praised the Marines and Sailors he has commanded.

“These Marines and Sailors carry the water farther, faster and better than anyone, so much so that it makes you proud just to be wearing the same uniform and serving in the same outfit,” said Wissler. “Not only has Brigadier General Coleman set us up for success by his leadership, but he is truly a man of heart. He has invested his heart and soul in our success. His legacy at 2d FSSG will be long-lived and I’m proud to put my shoulder to the yoke with the Marines and Sailors he has trained.”


CAMP TAQADDUM, Iraq - – Brigadier Gen. John E. Wissler, a Brooklyn Park, Minn., native (right), assumed command of 2d Force Service Support Group from Brig. Gen. Ronald S. Coleman, a native of Darby, Pa., in a ceremony here June 19. The generals pose for a photo after the ceremony. Photo by: Cpl. C. J. Yard