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06-27-02, 11:25 AM
What is the difference between Parris Island and The San Diego Recruit Depot? Do they train a little differently or do they just have two different stations for more convenience?


06-27-02, 02:53 PM
One issues Sand Fleas and the other issues sunglasses !!! Just kiddin bro's......."Its Just a Nam Thing".....LMAO !!!!

Don't worry bout whur ya go lad...they both turn you into a Marine if ya can hack it !!!!

06-27-02, 03:24 PM
U R goin 2 Diego Future Marine..get ready 4 The Beach and Beautiful Mountian terrain, Sunshine and plesent Drill Instructors.

I've never been to Parris Island, but U R lucky 2 B going 2 a Boot Camp where The DIs speak English. Can U imagine a DI sayin, " I can't hear Ya'all ? ;)

same same grunt68 !! its ALL Good !!

06-27-02, 05:31 PM
You learn what orifices are really for.( packing sand! LOL) Plus watching civilian jets take off fro, the local international airport. Just kidding, Namgrunts right. Either one will make you a Marine, if you're able to complete boot. Not everyone makes it.

06-27-02, 06:08 PM
Go thru Boot Camp in San Diego, you become a "Hollywood Marine"..............HE HE HE HE HE
Go thru Boot Camp in Parris Island and you become a True Marine with sand fleas..........HE HE HE HE

All kidding aside, no matter which MCRD you go thru and do graduate, you will have earned the Title: 'UNITED STATES MARINE"

Just as USMC0311, NamGrunt68, wrbones and myself are Marines, we have and will always joke with each other where we went to Boot Camp............HE HE HE HE



06-27-02, 09:18 PM
and I'm ONLY a winger....Blah, blah ,blah....... LMAO. Brothers can raise hell with each other, God help the man that tries to make 'em stop! ;)

06-27-02, 11:51 PM
I went to boot camp in Sand diego and I worked 8 miles from Parris Island. Here are so of the difference I have seen first hand.

San Diego the fricken long hikes and huge mountains.
Parris Island the infinate amount of Sand Fleas.

San Diego you hardly see civilians
Parris Island all you see is civilians

San Diego there doesn't have to be nice aournd civilian because there aren't many.

Parris Island is very political

Sand Diego has good weather all year long mostly.
Parris Island can get freezing in the winter and so hot and humid in the summer yo feel like you're gonna die.

San Diego's crucible is 54 miles through mountains
Parris Island is on 48 miles of old flight line.

I know there are more but I can't think of them now

06-28-02, 04:47 AM
Thank You Very Much Sgt Wildes..
OK U PI Marines I NEVER want 2 hear U talkin no BS about how tough yer Boot was..No wonder they train girls there !
bet they get cookies and milk B4 hittin the rack. ;)

Semper Fi, Marines

PS don't make no Difference 2 A Grunt It's ALL Good Clean FUN.

U San Diego Marines REMEMBER the Sand Pits :) and the switch pits routine. :)

06-30-02, 06:06 PM
Both MCRDs have the exact training schedule. Neither one is any harder than the other. There are some unique differences when it comes to training and training sites, but no matter which MCRD you train at, you still become a Marine.

You are not offered a choice of where you attend training. It is determined for you based on the geographic location you come from or in the case of women, your gender.

A Marines should be proud, regardless of which MCRD they attended training at. But, Parris Island is the better site and has the better image, history and mystique associated with it.


06-30-02, 07:22 PM
They was goose down mattresses and air conditioned gymnasiums....OOPS...I gave it all away didn't I.

06-30-02, 08:32 PM
Of course I am biased as I am a PROUD graduate of 2nd BN Echo Co., Parris Island, however I will enlighten you folks on a couple things things.

1. Parris Island came first.

2. Comparing PI with SD is like comparing Harvard to Stanford. Not as prestigious and never will be.

3. SD is thought so highly of that they may move it. If they do, it really wouldn't be a big deal. That would be the same as moving the Rams to St. Louis. However try to move PI and see how many DOGS bark. That would be like moving the Yankees out to New Jersey...Never Happen!

In defense of the Hollywood Marines...95% of the ones I have met said they believed PI was tougher. AND their hair is still a little shorter than the sailors :D :p :D

No matter which bootcamp you went to...you still walked that parade deck and you are still Marines...Nothing to be ashamed. Just some good ole razzing!



06-30-02, 08:51 PM
Well We both know that training is suppose to be ran the same way. They are suppose to match step for step, but really we know that looks good on paper. I have been to both depots. I think I have spent about equal time on both. The differences I have seen is what I believe. I can also go by what my old SNCO who was a DI on both and see's some of the same views. Though not starting a which depot is better contest. Not the case. I do believe it is in the individual product itself, the individual recruit and how they act as a Marine.

There is not as much Civilan activity on SD as on PI look at the PX, and all the housing facilities on PI. there is only what 5 housing units on SD compared to PI's 500 units. Plus the golf course on PI brings all sorts of people. Plus yearly concerts and fireworks show on Parris Island. You don't have that at San Diego.

The other difference I have seen is that recruits get to go to the PX the last sunday they are there and buy what they want. SD doesn't until family day. The biggest and worst thing I have seen yet is that while on liberty and even some at graduation, the new marines at PI dont have the proper creases in their uniforms. San diego does. But why are we allowing Marines to walk around in Charlies without creases and wrinkle bombs. Now maybe that is just a discretion thing among drill instructors or they run out of time on the training schedule, but still it does not make it right and I am sure you have seen it since you were there as well. Don't get me wrong I have had some stellar Marines from both depots and some bags from both. My best Marines on my watch came from PI.

Another thing is that PI you say there is more history and mystque on Parris Island. Yeah you think of Parris island a little more cause of the backgorund on it and it does indeed have history. But I know almost all the buildings on SD are national historic landmarks, Parris Island they are always tearing down buildings and putting up new ones. I believe you it might have a psychological affect on their training, but don't you think that is just the same as going up to Pendleton? There are differences and some are good and some are bad. I will say I would not change my traing for the world at SD, I would of hated to of gone to PI. The mountains and ceremony on the Grim Reaper for the end of the crucible was alot tougher and better than walking across flightline four or five times and through housing areas. But I know I would of delt better with SD weather and enviorment than PI's weather and Sand Fleas. And trust me the Airport was annoying to deal with all day and night. Either way both deserve respect they get. All in all they Porduced Basically trained Marines.

07-01-02, 12:26 AM
Just kidding. Shaffer, you be careful boy, or I'll go on a rant! LMAO I've said it several times before, but I'll say it again, just for the recordon the "new" site. I grew up in a small community that had a majority of males who were veterans. It was a bit of a tradition. When folks found out that my brother and I were joining the Marines, the first thing I heard was, you'll never make it. Being a thick- headed stubborn type, I determined that I was. !25 wannabes in the recieving barracks the end of July 1976. 13 weeks later, only 36 of us were left. It is tough, it can be brutal, your head is crammed with things a country boy would never think of. Numbers are similiar from PI. My brother and I "attenede" San Diego. Psyclogical game hearing and sometimes watching those jet airliners take off. From the yellow footprints to final parade and graduation, There is nothing like it on earth. Physical preparation, general knowledge and skills, and attitude that says, "Never give up. I WILL NOT GIVE UP". can only begin to begin to prepare you. anything at all that you can do, will be of some service to you. But you now know nothing. When you step on those footprints for the first time, your life will be changed forever. You cannot now comprehend this, but it is true. When you here the final " PLATOON... DISSS-MISSED!" You will be joining a legend. One that will last til the end of days. You cannot now comprehend this. You will be joining a limited and unique brotherhood aand fraternity. One that even years after they last served, will drop everything to help a brother in distress. Your family, though important, becomes secondary, your career, though important, becomes secondary. Look at the citations for Marines who've earned the Medal of Honor. The mission, and their Marine Brothers are why they earned tham. Not for glory's sake , but for their brothers. You cannot now comprhend this. It is rough, Marines are necessarily a rough lot, but they care deeply for their nation, for their flag, and for their own. When you graduate bootcamp, anyone of us will say," Good job, Marine, and welcome home"

07-02-02, 01:27 AM
Now that I know you are a "Hollywood" Marine, I will treat you different.:p

Just kidding! Great post old salt! Sounds like you have many years and lots of wisdom to pass along. Great to have you aboard!

Semper Fi,


07-03-02, 04:41 PM
Not as many civilians? Get real!

Before I state my case, let me ask a few questions. How many PI recruits ever saw the golf course?? How many times was your platoon marched through Mainside and the PX??

I was in 2ndRTBn., the closest to the PX, and I can tell you we were never passing by the exchange or offered a chance to notice the people who use the golf course. Oh yeah, we ran through base housing, but do you think the folks there came out to greet us with coffee and donuts as we ran by? They are all Marines anyway, not civilians!!

Now, if you want to compare facilities, which one has a civilian airport right next door? Which exchange facility is bigger and gets more patronage? How many bus trips do you think PI recruits get off the Depot to conduct training? MCRD SD is the more civilian installation. And Jerry you are exactly right about the PI legacy and tradition. PI is a national landmark that will never be moved. Besides, Gomer Pile is MCRD SD's claim to fame!!! Enough said.


07-07-02, 06:29 PM
Well let me ask you this, How long ago did you go through boot? Things change. I have seen platoons of recruits out on the golf course doing their part of mess & maintance week. And on Sunday's they allow them to go to the PX and buy stuff they want. No kidding they are in there in their non pressed charlies buying cd players and cd's candy ect. And drill instructors are in there walking around in a mild supervision mode. So if it wasn't happening when you were there in the mid-90's then it is now.

07-08-02, 09:27 PM
Understand that recruits to get a PX call before graduation. This accounts for their Charlie uniforms. It's not like they get Charlies at initial issue. They are given a PX call usually the weekend before graduation to purchase uniform items and replacements of initial issue gear. Yes, they can buy other things. But here's one for you, buddy. When I went to recruit training you were not a Marine until after graduation. In this new era, maybe you are part of it, recruits begin to address their DIs as Sgt Umptyfraz and SSgt. whosamadingy before graduation. After the crucible there is a transition period when recruits are actually considered Marines before the ceremony. This is the new system/training cycle. As for the recruits being at the golf course, I'm glad that you explained they may have been out there during mess and maintenance week, or what is now Team week. It's not like they were out there renting clubs and teeing off a bucket of balls or playing a quick nine holes. Again, if they were at MCRD SD, maybe they could get a bus ride off the Depot and view scenic southern California.


07-09-02, 02:53 AM
I didn't make myself clear about the PX part. Yes it is the final week before graduating that they go to the PX. But that never happened at SD (hey it might now, I have no clue) Yes they were out on the golf course for team week doing work. not playing the back nine or anything. Oh an by the way there is nothing senic about getting on a bus loaded down to the teeth and putting your heads down the whole way to Pendleton. You don't see it or at least when I did we didn't. Unfortunately yes I was appart of the transition the last week and had to call our DI's by their rank. From what I have heard right before I left the beaufort area is that both depots hand out the tan belts for the crucible and don't call them Marines and don't present them the Eagle Globe and Anchor until the day before graduation.

07-09-02, 06:08 AM
PX call??????? Liberty?????? Walking around in Charlies?????
Man, I went to San Diego, and NEVER got no stinkin PX call or Liberty call.
And we didn't have no stinkin crucible when I went to boot camp either - not as seen on TV. Kinda makes me want to vomit the stuff I see on TV anymore about boot camp. I have a Marine Friend who tells me the ARMY now issues Stress cards in boot camp - you get 3 stress cards, and when your DI's (you can call them that in the Army) 'yell at you too loud' you can hold up a stress card (LMFAO) and they have to stop training you.

I pray they dont go that far with My Marine Corps.

Semper FI


07-09-02, 07:46 AM
What the hell dude that's B.S. u going to be able to hold up a " STRESS CARD " in the middle of war?? do they think the enemy is going to give a rats butt about them and there cute little " STRESS CARD" i think not!!! god that disgust's man, I hope and pray that it never gets to the real military branch ( U.S. Marines ) or i know for a fact they will loose my interest...That is underly rediculas barndog, i couldn't back ya up more man, I ain't been to boot camp yet and i know somtimes i make some bs remarks on it but i respect the toughness and the absolute dedication that goes with it, the 24/7 sacrifise man, that's garbage with all this boot camp sensitivity crap!!! U joined!! U made the decision to go, no one held a damn gun to your head....if ya can't cut it...then get the F*** out!!! otherwise shut up deal with the pain, Get tough and make it..." STRESS CARD " what the hell ever.....and on the PX and Charlies i agree i don't you deserve to wear a damn thing untill u graduate and have totally earned it...u don't get nothing in life till you earn, no one hands you anything wrorth having...and i for one don't want nothing i haven't busted my ass and sweat and bleed for....might sound self ritious or whatever but thats my take on it....Sory if i have ****ed anyone off and for my language BUT THAT IS B.S.

07-09-02, 09:43 AM
Ya might be careful about posts like this, til ya been there, done that. Don't be surprised if ya get a negative response outta stuff like that. ;)

07-09-02, 10:09 AM
U got it Barndog..I am a Diego Marine also..wonder Y the PI boys always say "Pi where real Marines Come from".. Been layin back cuz they my Brothers.BUT...I got many miles on my boots.and don't believe many muthers could walk in them for long.

For the Dog2B...if yer gonna ***** Little brother..U need 2 improve yer spellin..grunts have a hard time deciphering yer uneducated whining civilian lingo.

It is not the critic who counts...The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood...who if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat. T. Roosevelt, 1899. Harold L. LettATF, KC II-----

07-09-02, 04:54 PM
As I stated in an earlier post, the two MCRDs are on the same training schedule. The fact that our recruit training has evolved over time is not a concern, but a benefit. The training is not any easier, mentally or physically. In fact, the crucible and other events were added to training to make it more combat-like or to give all Marines necessary basic skills needed to survive in that environment. Even now, with the introduction of martial arts training, the Corps continues to improve on an already good training schedule. There are no stress cards, because in life and in combat, there are no timeouts!! Remember, other services have tried to copy our training, but none have successfully done what we do. The Army came to PI to see the first series of recruits go through the crucible. They tried to mimic it, but their program is a joke. Their "crucible" ends with a gathering around a bondfire, but I am not sure if "Koombaya" is sung at the event. The Air Force was the first to try "Stress Cards." But again, look at their training and the fact that they promote themselves as everything except a combative force. Is it any wonder why they would try to make their training kinder and gentler? It is highly unlikely that the Corps would find any benefit in trying to make our training more like another service's. Remember the best are often imitated, but rarely duplicated. San Diego or Parris Island, it doesn't matter. We are Marines. I know we all like to joke about the Depot we did not go through, but let someone outside our ranks try to make light of our training.... Watch out!!


07-09-02, 05:10 PM
Well sounds to me like you'll be a fine Marine someday...
you keep up that attitude and keep the motivation and
before you know it you'll be walking across the parade
deck. Some people like to talk so don't be a talker and
let your ACTIONS speak for themselves. You'll do fine.

And to you old salts...this IS the Pool(ee) Hall, so let them
speak their mind, no harm done as long as they don't disrespect

07-09-02, 06:22 PM
I'll try to stay out of their AO. Let folks like Sixguns and them keep and eye on 'em. Fellers who are current on what's up. Thanks for the reminder.

07-09-02, 06:47 PM
You're good to go wrbones. I don't think you need
reminders...just maybe the reminder to take a shower
every so often ;)...he he he!!!

07-09-02, 06:47 PM
While I can give the most current recruiting information, there is often value in what other Marines can provide here. Future Marines may have questions like "How did your training benefit you after your service to the Corps?" or similar questions. Your personal experiences can help a future Marine understand the life-long pride that comes from having been a Marine and how your skills later benefitted you. Don't sell yourselves short. I just ask that information provided be from personal experience, not "I knew this guy once...." type stuff. Please speak in your area of experience. Meaning if you were a DI explain how you saw your recruits etc. If you were an infantryman, tell them what it is like to deploy and be separated from home for lengthy periods of time, etc. Just keep things accurate and factual. I appreciate the fact that every Marine may have something to offer. Believe me, I will let folks know when their information may be flawed.


07-09-02, 07:01 PM
I'll get the champaign, dear.....;)

07-09-02, 07:08 PM
,,, I'm not backing off. know what I and others have to offer, just that you AD types are current and the best in the world at what you do. I was just warning the young feller to be careful how OOO-RAH he gets before he earns his EGA. Seen a lot of kids get called down hard fer such as that. Didn't want it to happen that way with him is all. You're good to go in my book, bro. Reason I posted this here was so the other young folks would know my thinkin on it. (Also so they'd get a look at how NCO's sort things out. We don't head out to the grease lockers much LOL not without the beer, anyway! )

07-10-02, 12:44 PM
sems to happen alot, try to keep it to a minimum..later..take care guys / girls

07-11-02, 05:57 AM

I am backing you up. definately right about the Marines as a whole. I trust your word.

06-29-06, 09:41 PM
I did basic training at Parris Island, "the land that God forgot", and was stationed at MCRD San Diego for three years. I must say mentally Parris Island was more difficult because it was pretty desolate compared to San Diego where all you had to do was look at the hills of the city and listen to the airport next door. It must have brought some relief to a recruit mentally to know civilization was around him. Now, friends who did basic in SD would say the sights and sounds made it more difficult. I told them spend a few weeks on the PI and you'll change your tune.

06-30-06, 10:51 AM
There is a city around MCRD, SD??? Dayum, I don't recall, all I remember is the damn airport, cuz it was so dang noisy, the quonset hut barracks we had and the PIT. WE NEVER got to see civilians unless they were doing the tailoring, issuing uniforms, giving haircuts, and you certainly had NO time to talk with em. Fact is BOTH recruit depots turn out Marines every week, and BOTH depots have the same training schedules. Neither is any easier or harder than the other. They have obvious differences such as having to be bussed to the rifle range and crucible from San Diego to Camp Pendleton and it's hills. Then you have Parris Island with it's sand fleas, relatively level ground. I am quite sure that any PI Marine is proud of having graduated from PI, as any SD Marine is proud of having graduated SD. The one constant, though is that I have NEVER seen a citation, award, or anything other than a biography, of a Marine that mentions which MCRD they attended.

So, does it matter, heck yes it does, at least to the Marine in question and nobody else...

07-04-06, 10:20 PM
Well as a parent I think SD is best! Good weather, nice scenary and hey..... we got to go to Sea World! LOL:cool:

07-05-06, 11:42 PM
While I'm not a Marine myself, I agree with mid-momarinemom that SD is such a great place to hang out. The weather is awesome, and we just had another gorgeous day today. The area bordering MCRDSD just to the north and to the west is actually a relatively nice neighborhood (Loma Portal/Point Loma) in which to take a stroll with your dog or do some jogging. I'd say that area is fairly quiet except, of course, the roar of the jets taking off from SAN. The airport website http://www.san.org/authority/environmental_affairs/airport_noise/index.asp
does list curfew hours for aircraft departures and arrivals, but even so, I cannot help but wonder what it's like to deal with aircraft noise on a continuous basis while being trained at MCRDSD. Does the noise get bad enough that you want to ask for earplugs?

And on another side note, I wonder how many people flying into SAN have seen that red MCRDSD sign just outside the runway. I didn't know about it until I came across the following picture by luck the other day: http://www.airliners.net/open.file/1021591/M/
I just think it's cool to have that sign around and let it be part of the recruiting campaign by the USMC in looking for a few good men.

07-06-06, 10:53 AM
Was the airport was right on the other side of the fence. Waking up at night wishing you were on that plane.......

Phantom Blooper
07-06-06, 08:47 PM
What is the difference between Parris Island and The San Diego Recruit Depot?

2450.2 miles :evilgrin:

07-08-06, 06:37 PM
Well my son it was hard during the first weeks of bootcamp to sleep and wishing he was on that plane but he got used to it and was so tired in the evening that it didn't matter hearing the planes take off. For myself, seeing those red letters for the second time in my life, brought tears to my eyes cause my son was there. The first time I flew into SAN we were visiting my husbands sister and my son was still in high school. It is moving to see the bootcamp and hard to not wonder how all those young men are doing at camp. The final day though is awesome and you just can't help being proud for all those who graduate!