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05-04-05, 01:27 PM
Whining While Black
May 4, 2005

by James Atticus Bowden


Thank goodness Confederate History Month is over! Maybe Civil Rights organizations, black politicians and journalists will stop whining for awhile. They must pay the Sons of Confederate Veterans on the side. Fat, middle-aged suburbanites waving Confederate flags create excuses for hysterical screaming. Ironically, the volume and shrillness of attacking Confederate heritage is inversely proportional to the actual racism and threat to personal safety. But, it’s profitable if you’re a race pimp. When your skin color is your day job, you need something to cry ‘wolf’ about.

The professionally-black Blacks, whose jobs are based on ‘African-American’ in their titles, are working a decades-old scam that is a shame to the Nation. The racial politics of these Judas goats keep millions of Blacks in poverty, jail, pain and suffering. Despite them, the majority of Blacks are only one generation from earning their piece of the American pie.

A significant minority of Blacks are succeeding equally and above other Americans. These are hard-working people who achieve color-blind success. Which is precisely the point: The way up has nothing to do with race. The way to succeed in America works for immigrants who don’t speak English, aren’t White, and don’t have a penny to their name when they arrive. But, it takes a generation. The parents sacrifice and provide for the children to have abundant opportunities. There are ‘7 Steps’ from whining to winning.

Get married before the baby arrives.
Stay married and raise your children.
Don’t use drugs or abuse alcohol.
Push educational achievement without excuses.
Master the English language.
Choose American, not a separate identity, like African-America.
Live a purpose-driven life from the Bible.
Whites who fail these seven steps will grow mullets, trash their lives and stay losers. Hispanics who fail have activists to make excuses and demand programs – meaning government jobs for the program workers – to spend tax dollars. Blacks who fail have a well-established special interest industry to serve themselves at poor Blacks’ expense. Coming out of ghetto poverty for the race industry would be like real tax reform to tax lawyers. Jesse Jackson would have to get a real job.

The seven steps to a better life in America don’t have the land mines in the path that Blacks leaped over in the past. When Booker T. Washington and his students built Tuskegee with their bare hands, they made the brick kiln five times before it worked properly. They didn’t whine. Blacks came up from slavery further and faster, with a dignity and class under real duress, that is unfathomable to the ‘hip hop gangsta’s’ culture. Blacks, still living today, overcame barriers that no Black child faces now. Yet, the rhetoric of race is elevated and pervasive. The underlying messages are perverse and destructive.

Racial integration is a morally superior and ascendant idea for America. Yet, racial quotas – by any disingenuous name, race-based programs, awards and organizations are anathema to integration. They promote Black, Hispanic, Asian, Indian, whatever racism. That is why good-hearted people would go nuts if any quota, program, award or organization had the qualifying adjective ‘White’ in its name. Look at the outrage on college campuses when Conservative students have a race-based cookie sale. The hypocrisy would be funny if the potential outcomes weren’t so sinister.

White racism is vanishing, especially in the South. (Send a memo to Liberals). Southern dynamism is increasingly Evangelical Christian over a regional identity-based nationalism. Human hearts were transformed to a higher standard than racial reconciliation – to loving-kindness. Meanwhile, the same Democrat Party that exploited race mongering with Whites plays race-based politics using Blacks – and reaches for other minorities. The hateful refrain of permanent victim hood and grievance creates problems. Black racism and Black-on-White hate crimes are increasing.

There is no excuse for defeat and decline among people whose ancestors and peers have accomplished so much since 1619 – every step of the American Experience.

New immigrants joining the Great Experiment give their children ‘American’ first names. The exceptions are Muslims who don’t intend to integrate and some Hispanics whose numbers are so great they don’t have to leave an insular sub-culture. Blacks who invent alien names keep it ‘real’ with the neighbors, but make it obvious they are separate. Separateness doesn’t produce victory in life.

Search any field of endeavor for greatness and see Black Americans. Like politics: Who is more articulate than Thomas Sowell, Alan Keyes, Walter Williams, Ward Connerly, J.C. Watts, Colin Powell and Condileeza Rice? Are they whining while Black?

James Atticus Bowden

James Atticus Bowden has specialized in inter-disciplinary long range 'futures' studies for over a decade. He is employed by a Defense Department contractor. He is a retired United States Army Infantry Officer. He is a 1972 graduate of the United States Military Academy and earned graduate degrees from Harvard University and Columbia University. He holds two elected Republican Party offices in Virginia.


05-04-05, 01:41 PM
When I was doing the door-to-door sales thing, I saw many all black folk neighborhoods that were 'getting by okay'.

On a side note, the last Veterans Day Parade I attended in Nashville, the Sons of Confederate Vets brought up the rear. Everyone stopped clapping and cheering and just had the look of "WTF?" :banana:

05-04-05, 02:21 PM
Veterans Day Parade.

Sons of Conferderate Vets.

WTF indeed.

05-04-05, 02:24 PM
That's why I like the Marines. We break you down past all the bullsh!t that you believe about yourself, and turn you into a team player, no matter what color you are. Then, if you're squared-away, you're squared-away, and if you're a sh!tbird, you're a sh!tbird.

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Originally posted by lprkn
Veterans Day Parade.

Sons of Conferderate Vets.

WTF indeed.

I thought the sons of confederate vets would all be dead by now.

05-04-05, 06:33 PM
Originally posted by lprkn
That's why I like the Marines. We break you down past all the bullsh!t that you believe about yourself, and turn you into a team player, no matter what color you are. Then, if you're squared-away, you're squared-away, and if you're a sh!tbird, you're a sh!tbird.
I hate to disagee, but this is not al the way true. Being from a not-so-diversed part of america, I never knew racisism, untill I came into the corps. When I checked into my first unit, I found a lot of marines would not include me in their "clicks" due to the fact I was white. It really made me question the whole brotherhood of the corps idea. Then I met a few people of other races, that did look past my skin color, and I look at them as friends closer to me than my own brother. For the most part though, as much as we like to think that racial segregation has ended, at some level, it has only gotten worse.

05-05-05, 01:35 AM
I'm not going to say that racism does not exist in the Corps. Unfortunately, it is there. I just think it's less prevalent here than in society. I've heard or read many a story where a guy learned that his old assumptions were wrong once he joind the Marines, because the man next to him would risk his life to save another Marine's, no matter the color.

There are racists in the Corps, but all the ones I've encountered usually kept their racism to themselves. The racist ones are just looking for someone to blame most of the time.

How's Eastern Europe treating you, Sgt? I'd like to get out there within the next three years or so. (most likely Russia)

05-07-05, 09:07 PM
Sorry to take so long responding to to the Drifter.I agree in part with Patty-Mcoorah.When I went in the Corps,I was from an area that was 85% Italian.There were 18 of us Blacks in my H.S.I never knew the race card until entering the Marines.I didn't learn it from being called names or shunned by Whites,but from other Black Marines.Most of the Blacks I ran into,played the race card,when like it was said earlier,they were ****birds,and it was an excuse to fail.I recall going to a Battalion function ,with 1/5 and every Black in the unit,gathered in one set of the bleachers.We had a Black 1st Sgt who stopped the activities and made them all disburse.The funniest thing I had ever seen.He said"In My Marine Corps,there is no room for black and white,just green."You never saw it that way again.Most of the seperatism is bought on by people not wanting to fit in.Thinking they are solving the problem by staying in groups,when all along,they are the problem.I was put down because most of my "FRIENDS"and true buddies,where white.They didn't see me as a color but as a fellow Marine.That is why I belong to about a dozen different sites.To keep in touch and remember it can work if everyone put their hearts and minds into it.Semper Fi and continue to keep it real Drifter.