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Desert Storm Stats

Operation Desert Storm
Air Deployment Missions: 18,466, as of June 7, 1991

3,980 by C-5 Galaxy transports

9,085 by C-141 Starlifter transports

1,193 by C-130 Hercules transports

395 by KC-10 Extender aerial refuelers

3,813 by Civil Reserve Air Fleet carriers

509,129 passengers and 594,730 tons of cargo carried

U.S. casualties: 148 battle deaths, 145 nonbattle deaths

Army: 98 battle; 105 nonbattle

Navy 6 battle; 8 nonbattle

Marines: 24 battle; 26 nonbattle

Air Force: 20 battle; 6 nonbattle

Women killed, 15

U.S. wounded in action: 467.

U.S. Commanders, U.S. Central Command, Operation Desert Storm

Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf, USA, commander in chief

Lt. Gen. Calvin Waller, USA, deputy commander in chief

Maj. Gen. Robert B. Johnston, USMC, chief of staff

Lt. Gen. John J. Yeosock, USA, Army commander

Lt. Gen. Walter Boomer, USMC, Marine commander

Vice Adm. Stanley Arthur, USN, Navy commander

Lt. Gen. Charles Horner, USAF, Air Force commander

Allied Combat Air Sorties Flown: More than 116,000

Coalition Aircraft Losses: 75 (63 U.S., 12 Allied)

Fixed wing, 37 combat, 15 noncombat

U.S. losses, 28 combat, 12 noncombat

No U.S. losses in air-to-air engagements

Helicopters, 23 (all U.S.): 5 combat, 18 noncombat

Estimated Iraqi Losses: (Reported by U.S. Central Command, March 7, 1991)

36 fixed-wing aircraft in air-to-air engagements

6 helicopters in air-to-air engagements

68 fixed- and 13 rotary-wing aircraft destroyed on the ground

137 Iraqi aircraft flown to Iran

3,700 of 4,280 battle tanks

2,400 of 2,870 assorted other armored vehicles

2,600 of 3,110 assorted artillery pieces

19 naval ships sunk, 6 damaged

42 divisions made combat-ineffective

Enemy prisoners of war captured: U.S. forces released 71,204 to Saudi control.

Facts About Operation Provide Comfort (Relief to Kurdish refugees in eastern

Turkey and northern Iraq):

Operation conducted by U.S. European Command, Army Lt. Gen. John M. Shalikashvili commanding.

11,936 U.S. personnel engaged at peak, May 21, 1991.

Total allied coalition personnel involved at peak, 21,701.

Relief supplies delivered: 4,416.6 tons by ground transports and 12,683.2 tons in 3,901 air sorties.

Maximum Kurdish refugee count in tent cities, 57,350, May 24, 1991.

U.S. relief: 4.79 million prepackaged ration meals and 2,687.5 tons of bulk food; 200,717 gallons of water; 211,788 blankets; and 23,500 tents.

(From the 1991 "Defense Almanac")


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137 Iraqi aircraft flown to Iran That was the funny part after the war. The Iraqis asked for their aircraft back and the Iranians said, "Okay, here are your 30 aircraft."

The Iraqis demanded their 137! "Sorry, we only have records of 30 aircraft."

Suckers! :banana: